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Doctors told him he may never walk again! Kim Williams 2 Days Out from the 2011 Branch Classic

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  • #16
    Way to go, what a story. Seems like a very determined, focused and courageous individual


    • #17
      mean looking mother fucker.

      I hate to call the guy a liar but I just can't picture him standing in front of the guys car saying "hey can you fix the bill up or at least some of it?" lol. I think it may have been a bit more intimidating than that.

      But anyways that is besides the point, like others have said it is a truly inspirational story and i wish Kim the best of luck.


      • #18
        Ok, so he wanted some guy at his security job to split a tab with him? What's the rest of the story regarding the accident? I know getting run over sucks and all, but it sounds as if he wanted to steal some guys money.....

        Anyone have a clue as to the entire factual story?
        You mad?


        • #19
          cool story but the guy looks awful. waaay too polluted. umbilical hernia yuck. and he is all kinds of malformed. just let it go and try to enjoy your life and not take years off of it. kind of sad.


          • #20
            ^ Agreed, that hernia, ouch.
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