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Off-season condition and growing lean

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  • Heading into offseason for a person who has underfeed themselves and use Saturday shitloads for 30 weeks to make up for it. Definately muscle gain is easy while so is putting on fat. 5/11 208 7% BF. I was down to 2200 cals a day with about 8k to 10k every saturday. Scared of carbs.


    • Originally posted by Matt Porter View Post
      I do a lot of client work all over. But I am also on my feet 45 hrs a week Managing a Max Muscle store

      Hey matt,

      I just cant get intra workout carbs to digest well for me, even cyclic dextrins. They sit fine during training, but everytime I use them my digestion of later meals in the day is all screwed up. Its not a matter of carb tolerance, or anything like that, so what would you do or suggest in that situation? Would you make the pre workout meal and post workout meal higher in carbs to make up for the carbs that would have been in the shake, putting most of them post?

      Would training volume or anything need to be adjusted or would just keeping the overall carb amount the same without the shake make up for that?