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Dang it! Just caused this 50 yr old to be "metabolically inefficient" at 3 weeks out

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  • Dang it! Just caused this 50 yr old to be "metabolically inefficient" at 3 weeks out

    My 50 years YOUNG client is in metabolic overdrive and is basically wasting calories rapidly.

    I feed him heavy on Wednesdays & Sundays with copious amount of pancakes, pasta, breads etc....

    and he just deposits glycogen and oxidizes unused glucose and body fat for fuel....

    This guy is more of a furnace then some 20 year old guy's I have seen.

    ALL KIDDING ASIDE -- I am impressed with this guy at over 3 weeks out!!!!


    Professional Body Mechanic

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      Can you post what he is eating like?


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        Super effort m8. Tell him he's inspired this 48 yr old ex bodybuilder to be become much more bodybuilderish : )
        *Brotherhood of iron *


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          Originally posted by v117 View Post
          Can you post what he is eating like?

          I wont give away what he pays me for detail for detail for here is a few pieces of his menu for Wednesday --

          Meal 5: (7:30)
          2c liquid egg whites
          1 slice whole wheat toast 50 74 2
          2 packet sugar oats
          Wednesday ---> MID-WEEK CARB SPIKE !!!! (add this into meal 5)
          1c krusteaz low fat pancake mix (1 c water) (90)
          2 tbs sugar free jam or 1/4c sugar free syrup
          2 Thomas mini bagels w/2 tbs sugar free jam (50)
          1c oatmeal + 2 tbs SF jam/splenda (54) UPDATED!!!!

          Professional Body Mechanic


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            Holy fuck perfect symmetry and proportions


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              most 50 year olds look like homer simpson.
              Craig Titus for 2016 Masters Olympia


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                is he natural or no
                "Feel ill as fuck - not sure if it is protein powder or tren?"-bigdog123


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                  Well Matt, it would be impressive even 3days out!


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                    impressive! looks more like 3 days out to me..LOL
                    IFBB PRO Brad Davis


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                      congratulations Matt!!! always great work with your athletes!


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                        Matt Porter keep up the good work dude. Anyone who works with you is fortunate indeed. And as young as you are, 10 to 20 years from now you'll have knowledge and experience that is unmatched. Very cool and thanks for posting.


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                          Damn I'd love to be this shredded!


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                            Looking fucking shredded!! Damn! Hard work right there


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                              Damn impressive for a 50 year old.
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