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doing my first show... NO IDEA WTF I'M DOING

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    that's why I would urge anyone to try to diet and hold/build muscle naturally while losing fat at the same time before his first cycle. I did it with 50 mg proviron a day and some clenbuterol (I think that's naturaly enough) and I really had a tangible feel for the need to eat enough and keep some sugar running in your blood while not beating urself up with too much or too hard cardio. The best tips I could give you are eat, have enough carbs and protein to feel strong but not too much carbs (45 grams a meal could be enough for example). Use the glycemic index to stay feeling nourished for longer and definitely eat when you feel weak (I wouldn't wait to feel weak either). Do your cardio, I loose fat from normal walking outside, half an hour to an hour a day and I start looking crazy. use intervals to kick things up a bit but definitely eat to recover from them.

    I can't stress eating and resting enough. I wouldn't follow calorie counts - I would eat to feel strong enough and eat a low enough amount to loose fat, protein is your best friend.

    I'll admit I'm on my first cycle, so I have no idea how much different my diet would need to be if were on "supplements". But I would imagine it would simply be enough (more) protein to utilize the increase nitrogen retention (definitely do this) and everything would pretty much be the same (except you don't have to worry about recovering as much.)


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      Based on the vagueness of your post I think a coach would help you a lot. Look at Jason Theobald (scoobyprep) or Allen Cress for very good coaches at very reasonable prices.


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        Don' t think you need a coach for your first show. Give yourself time, post pics for advice and have fun with it.


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          I won my class at my show and I had a coach help me. thanks for everyones input.