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Down to my last low carb day of prep. This is a real bitch!

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  • Down to my last low carb day of prep. This is a real bitch!

    So today marks the last day my carbs will be required by my coach to be 100 grams or lower. Then I will be allowed to begin my carb load tomorrow for my show this Saturday. Some of my low carb days have been around 20 or 30.

    I'll tell you what, the last couple days have been really tough mentally. I feel drained and depleted like I have never felt before during this prep, the feeling really sucks to be honest with you. I just had to go run and get lunch for the office and when they order gyros you really gotta have self control not to order one for yourself. All I say to myself today is "You have come this far, and are so very close to showing your hard work on stage in a couple days. Just tough it out as you can start carbs again tomorrow morning." I even considered starting my carb load today but I just think being 3 days out is still a little too early. Yes or no?

    Is this the norm for most of you as well who compete? Last couple days of low carbs always being the toughest?
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