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Posing music

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  • Posing music

    Can anyone sample me some music to use for a routine? Just something so I could have an idea of how you guy/gals do it!

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    I go to youtube and type in bodybuilding posing routines and it will pull up a ton some are good and some suck but you can get a large amount of ideas from that. It also depends on whether you are able to dance, are huge and what type of posing and or music you like.


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      Yo D, im trying to decide for myself. Its a touch call cause I love me some metal...but feel I could pose a bit better to something slower and smoother.
      I think I am most likely goign to end up with a mix that starts slow, then explodes into something heavy...then transitions into a little hip hop...but I still have a few weeks to decide.

      Just remember do something that shows off your have to enjoy it!