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Mattyb's contest prep

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    i THINK YOU look great for 8.5 weeks out in those pics. Your legs look huge in those pics man! Your journal is coming along very nice! Very detailed. Keep up the good work. It will be here before you know it MB
    Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
    F.I.T. Corps


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      good job. keep it up!!


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        much improved from previous pics - keep at it!
        Current Prep: KC Golds Classic - 2011


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          Thanks for the support!!!


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            Great Workout!! I felt very strong in the gym and had to pull back a little. I dont know if it is my body is adapting to the diet or if it is because I am on the home stretch but I have not felt like I have been precontest but one time in the last couple weeks. Worked my way up to 315 on squats today! Not very heavy, but this is the first time I have been able to do back squats this heavy since my injury. This is really good news for when it comes time to bulk again.

            Donkey Calf Machine-100x10,130x10,150x10

            1 Leg Standing Calf Raises-180x10,230x10,230x10

            Seated Calf Raises-140x10,160x10,160x10(Slow and controlled)

            Smith Machine Squats-225x10,275x10,275x10,315x10

            Hack Squats-270x10,360x10,360x10,410x10

            Leg Ext-90x10,90x10,90x9,90x9(1 Leg at a time)

            Lying Leg Curls-90x10,90x10,90x8

            Standing Leg Curls-44x10,44x10,55x10

            Stiff Leg Deadlifts-3 set of 135 to failure

            Abs-supersets of medicine ball crunches , decline crunches, and leg raises to failure

            Also 1 hour of cardio this morning


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              Hammer Strength Behind the Neck Press-180x10,180x10,180x9,180x8

              1 Arm DB Side Laterals-40x10,40x10,45x10,45x10

              Close GRip Bench-205x9,205x10,225x9,225x8

              Dips-BW + 50 x 10,90x10,90x10,90x10

              Flat Bar Pressdown-140x10,160x8,150x9,140x10

              1 hour of cardio in am and pwo


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                Back,Rear Delts,Traps

                Wide Grip Pulldown-165x10,180x10,195x10,195x10

                Close Grip Pulldown-165x10,180x9,165x10

                Wide Grip Pullups-3 sets to failure

                Barbell Rows-155x10,185x10,195x10

                Seated Cable Rows-150x10,180x10,180x10

                Hammer Strength High Rows-230x10,270x10,270x8

                X Crossovers-4 sets of 50x10

                Standing DB Shrugs-100x10,120x10,120x10,120x10

                Behind the Back Shrugs-225x10,315x10,315x10,225x10

                Also did a couple of light rack deadlift sets at the end

                45 Minutes cardio in the am and 1 hour pwo


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                  Here are a couple pics after my refeed. Suprisingly not too bloated after the food. I am at 7 weeks out now. Sorry the lighting is not that great. Feel free to comment if I am behind or whatever!
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                    Donkey Calf Machine-110x10,130x10,130x10

                    1 Leg Calf Presses-230x10,270x10,270x10

                    Seated Calves-140x10,140x10,160x10


                    Smith Machine Lunges-135x10,155x10,175x10,175x10(These were killer!)

                    Leg Ext-130x10,150x10,160x10,170x10

                    Seated Leg Curls-130x10,150x10,150x10

                    Standing Leg Curls-44x10,44x10,55x10

                    Stiff Leg Deadlifts-3 sets

                    Abs-Medicine Ball Crunches,Leg Raises,Decline Crunches

                    1 hour of cardio in the am. None pwo


                    • Here are some updated pics. Yesterday I would have been 6 weeks out. I was wondering if I looked like I was still progressing well or if I need to change some things up. I would appreciate any opinions! I am still working on my posing. Starting tomorrow I am goning to do 20 minutes posing every night to get plenty of practice in.
                      Attached Files


                      • I have decided to switch to the twice a day slingshot training split.

                        Smith Incline Press-225x10,225x10,235x9,225x9,225x8

                        Hammer Strength Behind the Neck Press-180x6,160x10,160x10,170x9,170x7

                        Wide Grip Pulldown-180x10,180x10,185x10,185x10,185x9

                        Seated Cable Row-165x10,180x10,195x10,210x10,210x10

                        DB Shrugs-5 sets of 120x10

                        1 hour of cardio in the am and pwo


                        • Good workout today! Really good vascularity. It was nice not to have to do any pwo cardio. I ended up switching my diet to keto. I will be having a big refeed saturday instead of just cheat meals. I was going back and forth on this and after talking it over with some people decided it was the best option. I tell you what, I feel much better already. I was having so few carbs my blood sugar was all over the place.

                          Barbell Curls-95x10,95x10,95x10,95x9,95x9

                          Close Grip Decline-225x10,235x10,245x10,245x10,245x10

                          Donkey Calf Machine-110x10,130x10,130x10,140x10,140x10

                          Smith Machine Squats-275x10,295x10,315x10

                          Reverse Hack Squats-270x10,320x10

                          Standing Leg Curls-44x10,55x10,55x10,55x10,55x10(Slow and controlled)

                          I was suppose to do 5 sets of squats, but didnt want to do that many because of my back. I may cut the volume back since I made chnages to my diet. I will see how the rest of this week goes first.


                          • Legs

                            Plate Load Squat-410x10,450x10

                            Leg Press-360x10,410x10(1 Leg at a time)

                            Smith Machine Lunges-185x10,205x10

                            Leg Ext-170x10,200x10

                            Plate Load Lying Leg Curls-90x10,100x7

                            Standing Leg Curls-55x10,66x10

                            Donkey Calf Raises-130x10,160(Stack)x10

                            Seated Calves-180x12,180x10

                            Also did 1 hour cardio this morning


                            • Chest

                              Incline DB Press-95x10,100x7,100x6

                              Hammer Strength Incline-210x10,230x9(Personal Record)

                              Incline Flyes-55x10,65x10,70x9

                              1 Hour of cardio in the am and pwo.

                              Short and intense workout


                              • Back

                                Man guys I have been really drained all day. The past couple weeks have been pretty rough energy wise. I'm on the home stretch now, just 4 weeks! Just got to push through these workouts. Still lifted fairly heavy to be on no carbs and zero energy.

                                Wide Grip Pulldown-195x10,210x10

                                Close Grip Pulldown-180x10,200x10

                                1 Arm DB Rows-100x10,115x10

                                Seated Cable Rows-195x10,215x10

                                Hammer Strength High Rows-230x12

                                Wide Grip Pullups-1 set with bodyweight to failure(Lost count of reps)

                                1 hour of cardio in the am and pwo

                                Tomorrow will be a cardio only day.