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carb loading ?

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  • carb loading ?

    hey guys-
    im competing in july in the super heavy weight class, currently am at 255lbs at 6.9%bf-this is my first show and im clueless how to carb up-im going to be depleting down to 100g of carbs sunday-tuesday then start my carb load weds-fri-with my bodyweight, how many carbs should i load with? i was thinking of going with 600g-100 each meal 6 times a day what do you think? i have read to stick to the same type of carb throughout the load-is that necessary? if so i was going to stick with oatmeal for the entire three days-any input would be greatly appreciated

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    welcome to the boards! - I just wanted to throw out a friendly reminder that the topic that you are inquiring about is a pretty big topic that we have discuss numerous times in this sub-forum - if you use the search command for 'carb load' you will find tons of information from proven peeps..
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      What you load with & how much is going to depend on a couple of things. Like; what your carb sources were during the prep, what kind of condion you're in when you start loading, how depleted you are.

      I wouldn't recommend oatmeal for all three days though. Maybe Wednesday through Thursday, then use other options.


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        potatos wednesday white and sweet 900g carbs over 14 meals
        sw potatos thursday 600g carbs over 14 meals
        rice cakes friday 300g carbs over 8 meals


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          thanks for the info-
          my carb sources throughout prep have been oats, veges, and brown rice-i have been depleting hard for the last 6 weeks never going over 145g a day;im lean enough to have vascularity in my lower abbs-i was going to start loading tomm in the 600-700g range with oats to see how i look and adjust from there-what do you think?


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            dont like oats to carb load!


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              sweet potatoes without skin for teh win!
              Current Prep: KC Golds Classic - 2011