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9 Weeks out of 1st Show need help!!!

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  • Men's Bodybuilding 9 Weeks out of 1st Show need help!!!

    Here is my diet, I am doing 1 High day 2 Medium days and 4 Low day.

    7meals, keep fat as low as possible on this day, so no added fats and use onlylean protein sources

    Meal 1:80g carbs, 35g protein

    Meal 2:70g carbs, 35g protein

    Meal 3:70g carbs, 35g protein

    Meal 4:80g carbs, 35g protein (switch this with any meal to make it your postworkoutmeal)

    Meal 5:50g carbs, 35g protein

    Meal 6:50g carbs, 35g protein

    Meal 7:40g protein, unlimited veggies (no carbs at this meal)

    Mediumday, 6 meals:

    Meal 1:50g carbs, 50g protein

    Meal 2:30g carbs, 50g protein

    Meal 3:50g carbs, 50 protein (switch this with any meal to make it your postworkoutmeal)

    Meal 4:50g protein, 2 cups veggies, 8g of healthy fat

    Meal 5:same as meal 4

    Meal 6:50g protein, 3g evening primrose oil or borage oil (caps are fine)

    Lowday, 6 meals:

    Meal 1:40g carbs, 50g protein, 3g fish oils

    Meal 2:same as meal 1

    Meal 3:50g protein, 2 cups veggies, 5g fish oils, 1tbsp all natural peanut butter

    Meal 4:same as meal 3

    Meal 5:same as meal 3

    Meal 6:50g protein, 1 teaspoon olive or flax oil, 5g evening primrose oil or borageoil (caps are fine)

    Here are your foodchoices:

    Protein: chicken,lean cuts of steak, fish, turkey, egg whites (ratio of 6 egg whites to 1 wholeegg), whey, caseinate, any high quality protein powder

    Veggies: basicallyanything green, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, asparagus, salads,

    Fats: all naturalpeanut butter, borage oil, olive oil, cold pressed canola and safflower oil,almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, flax oil, fish oils

    Carbs: oatmeal, rice,potatoes, yams, cream of rice

    You can use any zerocalorie condiments and spices to your meals. Also feel free to drink any zerocalorie beverages at any time (diet soda, crystal lite, coffee, tea, etc.).

    I am doing 45min cardio in am and 30min in the pm.

    Just looking for some criticsm, thanks.
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    What are your stats? I would start lowering that high day from 400g of carbs to I get it to my medium days levels.


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      023.jpg002.jpg010.jpg026.jpgI am 5'10" 230lbs, I've decided to hire Shelby Starnes and am now 15 weeks out from my 1st show. Wasn't f008.jpgeeling good about were I was and how my diet was going. I did Strongman for 3 years and justs started BB 2 months ago. Here are my Pics from this last Sat.006.jpg


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        Sorry to ask but are you 9wks out or 15 weeks out cause your thread states 9 but your second post says 15 weeks out and that you have hired Shelby so with that said. Trust your coach and send him your pics to evaluate and ask the why's and when and hows to your coach that your paying good money too which by the way he does have a good track record


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          Yeah I am now 15 weeks out and i am folowing him to a T, I posted before doing things with a local bodybuilder and didnt feel right 9 weeks out, so i hired Shelby and we picked a diff. show I just put my pics up to get feedback on posing and weak areas and to keep myself on track it is my 1st show and the more i can learn the better off i will be.


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            Good move by choosing a show 6 more weeks out. Shelby is a good dude.