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Loose skin surgery .. please need some input

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  • Loose skin surgery .. please need some input

    hello guys

    well i was over weight years ago in 2006 and lost the weight and started bodybuilding back in 2007 .. anyway i had loose skin and still have but it doesn't go away .. i've cut and bulked many times thinking it will tighten up but it's still there but a bit better (very very slow)

    here is a pic of my mid section it doesn't look bad but when i start sweating it's looks like crap

    i want to know how long does it take to heal from surgery

    anybody did the surgery with before and after pics?

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    Did you already have the surgery? It takes a good 3 months to heal by using the Compression garment! Depends on what you are doing whether the Mini or the Full Tummy Tuck. For you I believe the Mini would do. But, don't quote me, go have yourself looked at by a professional Doctor and seek his opinion on it.