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    I love shrugs, best trap builder for me.


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      Originally posted by thebigguy1 View Post
      Heavy duty shrugs, both barbell and dumbbells, and pound those traps until they feel like they are about to squeeze your head off...that is what I had to do to get mine to grow, and they did to the point where I had to build up the delts to balance out the huge traps!

      Trust me, implants won't be necessary and heaven knows how the implants would look....

      Im doing whatever this guy says. You are the size of a tow truck bro!


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        holy cow - "the big guy" . . . did i see your profile right? were you an adult adolescent turned muscle-freak . . . first, congrats . . . second, what the . . .

        what are you doing for arms? i know, pretty vague, but im in decent shape - not lifting upper now cause fball injury - but have not struggled with many body parts, including arms, however cannot seem to burst the 17-18(ish) inch mark. i was skinny lad myself, turned quasi-muscular, but would love some serious muscle blasts on my arms . . . again, theyre not 'struggling', but could be bigger . . . maybe for another post?


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          Originally posted by ThePoetSuede View Post
          Wondering if anyone has information on implants in general.....

          I've seen a show where a guy had a bicep implant so I am assuming somewhere, somehow, I could do a trap implant....

          How should I proceed?
          Do floor and rack deads consistanlty for a year.If they're not "nasty" huge after that,then you need implants and that's all there is to it.I haven't done shrugs in well over half a year,and before then I would train traps for a month or so,and then quit.Traps respond so well indirectly that you do not train them directly with doggcrapp.How many pros do you guys hear say they never train there traps?I hear it alot.It's always average regular guys I see training traps.They realy don't need it.They get hit with back and shoulders.I wonder if maybe you do too much for them?
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            Bodybuilding has become a sad thing.


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              Im sorry, i never get outta hand on this forum to much but this is F*cking rediculous. Implants are not bodybuilding. Forman is right. What the hell people.
              Implants have nothing to do w/ building your body through what the sport was created for.
              Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
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                WOW, I didn't mean for this to be a touchy subject. In general, I figure, if you really workout hard an its been years and a body part to some degree just doesn't keep up with the rest of your body then an implant could help your self confidence and appearance. With me it is that way with my Traps BUT its NOT as bad as I thought and the general thought is Traps ARE NOT the ideal body part for implantation.

                SO Thanks guys, your thoughts matter.


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                  My best advice to ya is just do shrugs, deadlifts, and upright rows (itll pull your shoulders and traps in if ya hold it at about shoulder width). Dont be afraid to use straps either. Your traps are generally a lot stronger than the forearms so use the straps so you can increase the weights.

                  I have the exact opposite of yours. My traps seem to grow by me just looking at weights. My calves on the other hand are a different story.
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                    I started doing deadlifts and my traps just fucking exploded. Your traps look fine to me. Just lose a lil body fat, and they will stick out more. swede first dumb thing I heard you say bro. breasts are body fat you cant build them. breast implants for a women with low body fat are fine. you can build your traps not your tits.