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Patient of the Week 12-29-2008

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  • Patient of the Week 12-29-2008

    Surgeon: Dr. Mordcai Blau
    Dr. Blau

    Patient Profile:
    Age: 26 years old
    Hometown: Long Island, NY
    Bodybuilding level: Competitive
    Post-operative photos taken: 1 year


    The patent was concerned about loosing points in competition from the accumulation of glandular tissue beneath both breasts. The glandular tissue was significant enough to cause both nipples to take on a tubular appearance. The patientís body fat (%bf) was less than 9%. No liposuction was required as there was no adipose tissue contributing to the tubular geometry of both protruding nipples.

    Since the tissue in this patents case was 100% true glandular mammary tissue, no drug protocol (anti estrogen / anti prolatin) will cure this case. Corrective sugary was required. In this sugary, nearly all the head and tail of the glandular mammary tissue was removed resulting in a tight natural contour to restore this competitorís competition level chest.

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    Gynecomastia Article

    Gynecomastia: Its features,
    and when and how to treat it


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      Isnt that D. Anthony?


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        great work


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          Originally posted by Louie Maya View Post
          Isnt that D. Anthony?
          ha I thought the same thing, and he is from LI
          "To alcohol! The cause of... and solution to... all of life's problems"


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            Good Physique!


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              Originally posted by Louie Maya View Post
              Isnt that D. Anthony?