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Patient of the Week 1-19-2009

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  • Patient of the Week 1-19-2009

    Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

    Patient Profile:

    This patent is 30 years old and Long Island, New York. His bodybuilding level of involvement is recreational.

    Background Information:

    The patent came with duel concern for two issue unresolved by diet, exercise, and drugs. The first was bilateral symmetrical gynecomastia. In the pre-operative photos both mammilary glandular tissue and lipocytes aggregating behind the areola is contributing to considerable feminization of this bodybuilders chest. The second issue of concern was a conisiderable lipocyte distribution in the waist area. This was detracting from the tapper appearece of his physique obtained through intense training and diet. It was important to enable the ability to obtain a V appearence from the delts down through lattisimus followed to hip bone obtained during dieting phase. To correct for this issue, liposuction of his abdominal and lower abdominal (waist area) was perfomed.

    Post-operative photos show the vascularity present in his abdominal area as a result of fat not being present. The skin in this area is of healthy elasticis and appears tight. Both nipples are tight, with no apparent scaring. The patient was please with his results.

    Post-Operative photos were taken at 1 year
    Plastic Sugeon who performed work: Dr. Mordcai Blau
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    Wow, terrific work!


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      The second pic was one year later?!?!? Wow, nice work! Doc, I don't have that severe a case of gyno but I have worse fat deposits around my waist. It's genetic, my father has it in exactly the same shape. Could you PM me a rough idea of the cost to get that fixed?