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hair transplant anyone?

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  • hair transplant anyone?

    Anyone have this done? Results? Satisfied? Cost? Money is not really an issue. I just don't want to end up looking like I have brown lettuce on my head. Any responses appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    No Bob you're the only one that's lost your hair.............LOL!


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      Hey Bob,

      I had some hair transplanted 2 years ago. I think they called it Graph transplant.
      The procedure I had was done at the docs practice in less than 5 hours. What they do is to cut a cm by 5 cm out of the back of your sculpt and to cut that in 500 to 600 micro graphs...this will then be planted into the the area selected piece by piece...I'm quite happy mine havent fell out or anything yet and I was doing some non stop Winny last year...


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        Find a good doctor:

        You cannot go wrong with these guys: