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Any one have experence with Dr. Blau???

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  • Any one have experence with Dr. Blau???

    I just booked a consoltation with him for next week for gyno surgery just wanted to get some feed back.

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    Dr. Blau is the BEST surgeon in the WORLD for gynecomastia surgery. No one is even close to his level of experience. Most surgeons do 3-5 gyno surgeries a year, he does that many per WEEK! He also has operated on hundreds of bodybuilders over the years so he knows what special needs we have. I highly recommend him. You won't be disappointed!


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      thanks alot dave...i figure im just going to bite this problem in the bud before it gets to out of controll i have also had slight gyno frim puberty and to be 100% honest im sick of loading up on anti-e just to combat it. Im not to sure if ur going to know but is there any chance of my insuracne company covering any of it or because he is a cosmetic surgeon does he not accecpt it?


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        The doc himself said most of the times it's considered cosmetic and you will have to pay out of pocket.

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          In the latest issue of MD, I read that someone got this covered by his insurance.
          Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?


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            i do know of people gettin their insurance to cover the opp but in most cases i think they dont....i wonder what the circumstances are?