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Anybody Have Gyno Surgery In S. Florida?

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  • Anybody Have Gyno Surgery In S. Florida?

    I have 2 large lumps behind both nipples(maybe an inch around) not tender. I honestly think it was caused by HCG from PCT. I never felt any tell tale signs and just completely missed it, 2 month after my cycle it just appeared. I tried Letro but I don't think it did anything but make me feel like shit. So I'm planning on getting it done in the next 3 to 6 months. Shockingly it seems there is no specialists in Miami. I've heard of Dr. Pope on he's in Orlando.

    Gyno sucks period, but I live probably the largest beach town in possibly in the country. My girlfriend of 8 years claims it doesn't look bad. But it looks fuck'in strange all the muscle is still there and my nipples have been pushed down because of the lumps and they look huge in size, too. Fuck it, from what I hear it's about a 5,000 DOLLAR mistake I made.

    Any advice thanks,

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    Seeing you live in Fl there should be many qualified surgeons in the area. Best thing to do is set up a few consults and see who you feel most comfortable with. Dont be fooled as with the economy in the sinker PS are lying through their teeth to get biz.

    Steroid induced gyno is the easiest of all breast surgery's for the fact it most cases its a small amount of gland so there usually is no sculpting involved. I myself had boobies and that is a totally dif world. Sculpting brings out the surgeons true skills which most do not know how to do. Book some consults and start there, it will give you peace of mind on what to expect.