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Ruptured Biceps

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    That was an interesting read, Nick. Thanks. I had my first physical therapy session last week. I seem to be ok moving my arm around carefully. I am looking into using tb500, at this point.


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      I tore my bicep playing AFL yesterday! Went to emergency and having scans tomorrow and meeting surgeon Thursday to see damage.

      Bottom of my bicep is gone. Friend had same injury - said post surgery, it's 12 weeks lifting a pen at the heaviest. Long road back, but better to start now!!!

      Must follow physio advice.


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        Had surgery earlier on Wednesday after going through insurance and getting referral to specialist. Anyone with suspected tear needs to get it looked at immediately. The longer you leave it means tendon may retract higher into bicep muscle and make it harder to re-attach. They may take hamstring tendon if left too long before surgery.


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          Ruptured B

          Hey there. This weekend I sustained a ruptured patellar tendon while skateboarding. I am 36 years old. It hurts like hell and my kneecap is riding high on my thigh. I went to the ortho doc today and am scheduled for surgery on Thur based on his exam and x-rays. I am nervous as to how long I will be out of work. I am a physical education teacher Do you know if they put you under for the surgery? Is it overnight? My doc is waiting for the MRI results before he lets me know any more info.
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