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Post knee surgery question

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  • Post knee surgery question

    Hello all, Im brand new to the MD forums but I've been living the bodybuilding lifestyle for many years. Had to take a 3 year break to train for something that required a lot more running and bull shit workouts that slimmed me way down to a skinny boy. I got injured in the process and had to receive knee surgery on my left knee and ended up not making what I was trying to go for. So now here I am going back to my roots. Im 8 months post surgery and I started lifting legs as heavy as I can again about 2 months ago... even though its pathetic weight. My left quad is considerably smaller than my right. Very much lacking in thickness throughout the middle, the rectus femoris. The rest of my quad is progressing well. I was wondering if anybody has had the same issue after surgery. My knee still hurts every rep but the doc says I'm good to go. Single leg leg extensions are not doing anything for that middle section Im targeting. I cant pre exhaust my leg quad before starting my leg workout because its already weaker than my right, the only thing I can think of is to do single leg leg press with just my surgery leg after my leg workout maybe? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Ive always been one to just do the basics; squats, hack squats, leg press...etc. and I'm not to familiar with how to target a specific muscle of the quadricep.

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    Just target the surgery leg every other week or so, work only it. It is smaller, it does not need MORE work, just normal to catch up. Just lay off the good leg and let them even out. Who knows the knee pain may even come from a strength imbalance ? That may clear up too? Good luck.


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      Thank you, It'll be hard for me not to work legs hard together now that I'm somewhat able too, but I'll try that out.