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Hernia repair.

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  • Hernia repair.

    Ok, I have had my hernia fixed 2 rimes already and it seems be creeping up for a third. Not sure name of it, but it is like 3 inches above my belly button. I just had a general surgeon do it past 2 times. Should I be seeing a different type surgeon?

    Is dif surgeon better for treating a power lifter?

    Would fact I don't train abs at all be causing this? I don't train them cause injury I got on side my lower ab years back. Every time train them they cramp like a mother fucker.

    I am at my wits end this thing. Any advice really be helpful. I want it done for a really active person. Its like it keeps ripping. And I don't really push crazy poundage anymore and my form is good. Had it checked by multiple people see if maybe that was case.

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    I think they sew a piece of mesh to the abdominal wall to correct this. I have had my doubts about the effectivenes of this, especially amoung weight lifters. I saw a program on the Nat Geo channel a couple of years ago about repairing damaged tissue with something called extra-cellular matrix. They use a piece of pigs bladder and scrape all the pig's cells off and you are left with the extra cellular matrix. They then put some of your stem cells on it and new tissue grows identical to the original tissue. One man had a large piece of his throat cut out because of cancer. They used the extra cellula matrix and he grew all new tissue in his throat. The company that was making the extra cellular matrix was called Millipore. I haven't read anything about it since. It seems like a great solution for a belly button hernia.
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