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    If it was a tendon then healing can continue for over a year. The new tissue is constantly remodeling. What happens any time there is injury to connective tissue is new tissue gets laid down but not allow in the same direction as was previously there and must be remodeled. You can help this remodeling of the fibers by putting the biceps under tension. Thus just work out you biceps but with lighter weights and higher reps. SLOWLY progress the weights up and use picture perfect form. Another technique to facilitate the remodeling process is after you do a set take your thumb and press into the biceps tendon with a little pressure and go across the tendon. This helps to breakup the cross-links that are going in the wrong direction and the tension will promote them to remodel in the same direction.

    Shane SPT


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      The pressure into the tendon with the massage should be done for about 60 secs. Sorry forgot that part.

      Shane SPT


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        John pena

        i have been dealing with parasthesia in my right pec for over 2 years now. i had an mri done which showed slight disc bulge c5 c6, emg for pectoral nerves was normal, and i dont get much pump in the right pec. its a bit weaker too. do you think NMT would help ????