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hernia surgery

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  • hernia surgery

    I am going to have my ambilcal hernia repaired next week, its killing to have to get it done because training is really going great. They will insert a screen so it can not pop out. Have any of you bros had this done and how was the healing process. I am hopeing to be able to do light cardio
    in a week and than do some light lifting at the close of week 2 on the DL

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    i am not a guy but had this surgey done last may. the recovery was a week to the checkup with doc. he did not let me do cardio for a couple weeks and then light lifting when it felt ok and not too much strain. Just listen to your doctor and your body
    2008 Jr USA lhw winner


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      Originally Posted by ScorpioChiq
      It's about 3 blocks from me ... it's called the Shouldice Hospital. My cousin went there.

      Thank you so much! That name has eluded me for over 5 years now. I listened to a presentation that they did at a conventionn years ago. I have told many about their facility but could not, for the life of me, remember the name. SHOULDICE!! If I ever needed hernia surgery, this is where I'd go. They only perform hernia repair surgery and have the highest success rate in the world.


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