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hip pain need help

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  • hip pain need help

    I have been having some hip pain at the very top of my hip. I can actually touch and push on the spot that hurts. I usually cant do that with hip pain because I use to get it more on the inside. It hurts when I bend over. Its like something is rubbing against it when I dead lift and squat .Any one have something like this .

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    I'd recommend you see an MD, or a chiropractor. I've known a couple of guys beside myself whose lower back was out, giving the appearance that one leg was slightly longer from a tilted pelvis. That can result in hip pain because of the imbalance. I'm sure though that there are dozens causes for what you're experiencing.


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      I'd see a sports minded chiro first. When my SI joint acts up, I go right away. The foam roller helps too. If you have access to gravity boots, try hanging upside down, it will help align the hips.

      Looking for the "gang of 20".


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        Alright do a little self test her to know how misalign you are
        lay down on the floor or hard surface and find your iliac (hip) and and see the difference it maybe rotated (very common) also look at your feet and see which one is lower. The piriformis /The iliopsoas muscle could have trigger points as well as the Quadratus Lamborum.
        Have your significant other while you laying down supine place /his/her hands on your hip and slowly with steady pressure push down back for the about 25-30 times kinda like a cat when trying to get comfortable. You should see immediate results by the your feet being at the same level.
        This is not your solution but its a start this will last about 2-3 months because your muscles will call it back to position.

        Now go get yourself a book on trigger points and youd be surprised how your body really works.

        Get X rayed and if your discs are in good shape get your self a Neuromuscular Therapist that address these issues. Do not go to any massage therapist, swedish especially, they are not trained for these issues, now if he has some rolfing/ neuromuscular trianing you should be in good shape in a few sessions. Dont get put in a trick bag by a physical therapist / or chiro / they will talk you into coming in as much as possible just to band aid the issue. Im not saying this to point fingers at other professionals but most are prepared for your common auto accident/ work injuries/(insurance claims) and one of the first things they will tell you why are you lifting weights? You dont need to hear that shit, you want solutions.

        when was the last time you had some real bodywork done? If you havent go get some work done.
        I personally recommend to anyone who lifts weights consistently to integrate Massage Therapy into their program. It works!
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          I use to go a chiropractor for back pain. I just had weak abs . I train with out a belt now and I have no back pain.