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patella tendoitis

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  • patella tendoitis

    i have patella tendonitis in my left knee... its very tempermental... sometime it hurts and sometimes it doesnt it can be slightly swollen the day after training and very tender.

    i dont usually have to change my training... but it is always niggling me...

    is it something i should just put up with and work around or should i take the time off to let it heal up?

    i dont think its very bad...


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    Do single leg leg extension with toe pointed outward. This will help to isolate the vastus medialis (tear drop muscle) which is one of the 4 quadriceps muscle. The vastus medialus is largely responsible for the stability of the patella and knee alignment. Strengthening it will largely assist in reducing your discomfort.

    Looking for the "gang of 20".


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      Patella straps may help to keep your patella tracking correctly over the joint if that is a source of aggravation.

      I've also been using a set of McDavid nylon knee sleeves for all leg stuff - its just a nylon elastic sleeve that gives enough support & keeps the joints warm for much improved stability and sense of stability when I do ATF squats, etc. I opted for this instead of the neoprene sleeves because I didn't want a big wad of neoprene in the bend behind the knee and its worked great.

      And to Mike's point about how you train to enable your legs to "support" themselves - lots of alternating lifts so each leg can build its own strength instead of the weak one relying on the other.


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        thanks for input guys


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          I have this same issue. thanks for the tips BigMike and Sassy69