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  • PFPS

    I was diagonsed with PFPS in January 2006. I have done 6 months of physical therapy with no improvement. Mind you I am in the Military so my medical is not the best but what do you expect for FREE.... The doc did x-rays and said everything looks normal... I have normal range of motion and pain comes and goes.... I can run 5 miles today and squat 350 lbs tommorrow and be fine but then on Tuesday my knee will give out while carrying my 25 lb 3 year old up the stairs!!!

    Any opinions/suggestions are greatly apericiated!!!

    By the way I am 27 years old, 6'1", 235 lbs @16% bodyfat and I have been a Marine for 9 years (thats 9 years of ground pounding on top of the gym)

  • #2
    The Student, I will do my best to figure out the problem without actually seeing you in person so please answer the following questions. Does your knee only give out when you climb steps. Also can you describe to me what "gives out" further. Is it due to pain? If so exactly where is you pain? (Be as specific as possible) how many steps, on the first step or after multiple steps? Do you carry your daughter on the same side as the knee that gives out or opposite leg and does it change if switched? When your knee gives out is it when the knee is more bent or straight? Do you have a history of patella subluxation or other knee injury? What did they have you doing in therapy? Feel free to post them or e-mail me

    By the way I am a PT student who will be taking boards later this year.