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pain in brachioradialus

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  • pain in brachioradialus

    on and off lately I have been having this shooting pain in my brachioradialus. it hurts near the anticubital area of my arm. the pain does not shoot all the way down to my wrist but it hurts most when doing pulling exercises like lat pull downs, or even when im hanging from something. has anyone ever had this problem or know how to manage it? glucosamine chondroitin and msm seems to help out with everything else but this. maybe this takes longer? someone please help. Ive even tried tiger balm but still nothing.

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    Anti-inflammatories. Ice often. Use lifting straps for everything as they take alot of stress of the area. Start doing light weight high rep flexion/extension wrist curls (regular and reverse). A T.E.N.S. unit works wonders on the area as well. Perhaps a neoprene elbow sleeve for the area if you really wanna cover all your bases.

    Looking for the "gang of 20".


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      Like Mike said, I am FINALLY starting to recover because I am using his advice, but try to do smith machine and barbell movements as opposed to dumbbells and and a TENS system is only like $100 when purchased from a medical supply store!


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        thanks alot guys. i really appreciate it