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Repetitive Groin injury

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  • Repetitive Groin injury

    Ive had a problem for some time with my groin/adductor area....I was doing very heavy leg presses about 1.5 years ago and the next day I had a tender groin...although at the time i wasnt quite sure if it was an inguinal (sp?) hernia as it radiated to that area as well....On and off since then certain movements really seem to bother that area...Leg presses are out of the question, every time ive done them my groin gets sore. Lunges are iffy as well. Certain hack squats bother it too. Regular squats are fine but Im afraid to go much heavier than 375 or so...I squat below parrallel and this does not bother it really besides some minor tightness after....Im trying to figure out why I keep hurting it and what I can do to address the issue. Pretty much all I do for quads now is front or back squats and some leg extensions...which is good but my inner thighs have somewhat atrophied since the injury and leg press always beefed them up nicely.
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    Most likely the major cause of the chronic adductor pulls are that these muscles are way to tight. This would explain why you only have problems with the leg press, lunges and some hack squats do to the greater stretch that is placed on them in these exercises as well as greater loads. Front and Back squats do not stretch these muscles as much nor does it place as much stess on it. The easiest way to get back to these exercises is 1) begin a serious stretching program to the hamstrings and adductors. Do these stretches every day and hold them for at least a minute for 3 sets. 2) After 1-2 weeks of stretching begin performing one of the troubling exercises with lighter weights and high reps with each leg workout. In a month you should not have the problem any more. Be aware that you may initially get some delayed onset muscle soreness after starting back to the troubling exercises. But if you are like me DOMS is a welcomed friend. Also do not stop stretching these muscles and also stretch the quads, hip flexors, and the TFL/ IT band. Let me know if there are any more problems.

    Shane SPT


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      thanks for the reply....any specific stretches you recomend?


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        Not sure if it makes any difference but I get the adductor pulls on the same leg that I have a reconstructed ACL on...I know its caused some imbalances, espcially in regards to the hips.... although my legs are very symmetrical, and really not lacking in the size department all considering. Im missing probaly a 1/4 inch flexion on the knee.


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          I think it would, I tore my achillies over the summer and I am finding imbalances from one side to another. As time go on, the two sides are balancing out but it isn't happening over night.


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            That does make some difference. WHat type of reconstruction surgery was it. Some surgeons take part of the hamstring muscle because it actually can be a little stronger than the patella tendon graft. If that is the case then you may be reinjuring that specific area of the hamstring. Also, The loss of flexion on that side could cause some biomechanical changes that I can't distinguish without examining you and thus cause these problems. Likely you are still just tight. So stetching the area definitly will not hurt it and would be my first option. Also try doing the adductor and abductor hip machines or cable exercises to help strengthen the area specificly. Try the stretches and do them every day. If it is not working then you would have to get a PT or Dr. who specializes in sports or orthopaedics to check you out.


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              Hamstrings: place you heel in the seat of a chair. With the knee straight bend at the hip joint till you feel a stretch in the hamstrings. Bending at the hips means keep the back straight.

              Adductor stretch: place medial side of the foot on something till you feel the pull in the adductors. My preference is to find something to support yourself on and then go into a split as far as you can.

              Quads/ hip flexors: with knee fully bent place top of foot on object or hold in you hand. This should mean that your stretching leg knee is more posterior than the other knee. Then lean back a little till you feel a stretch in the upper quad and hip flexor region

              Another stretch I like is to sit in a chair place left ankle on top of the right knee and then apply a downward pressure to the left knee. If you are tight in the piriformis or gluteus medius then this should stretch it out. do both sides

              There are many more and can easily be found if you search for them.