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The MD Benefits Mall-Advice for the Uncommon Man

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    Does TRT or use of perscribed androgens
    effect your insurance costs?
    "Feel ill as fuck - not sure if it is protein powder or tren?"-bigdog123


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      Originally posted by connstellation View Post
      You can be if your insurance carrier has participating locations out of State, and they often do. I am with Medical Mutual, so I can use participating hospitals and doctors in the FirstHealthNetwork. To locate a doctor or hospital in the area I'll be traveling, I can either call the 800 for FirstHealth that is on the back of my benifits card, or call or go to my carrier's website to find that information. The rule always is in a life or death situation, go to the nearest hospital not necessarily one that is in network. For example, I'm going to Las Vegas to compete in July. I turned up 15 providers in the Las Vegas area that I can use In-Network.
      I had Philly insurance. I had gone to India and met with accident there is no response from Philly they say we don't operate in that country, How can insurance companies showcase such a response?