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Forearm Tendonitis

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    I've hurt forearm doing some reverse curls with a barbell that was a bit too heavy. I thought that I probably shocked the muscle and might make some gains but it turned into a lingering pain.


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      I had some tendonitis in the forearm a few months ago.

      Here were the solutions that I came up with from a variety of sources:

      Heat pack before workout
      Light warm ups with 10lb barbells (wrist curls in all directions)
      Normal workouts (avoid barbell movements when EZ bar movement could be used)
      Ice pack after workouts

      I also used Cissus ** and ultimately also rested for one week, since I got a bad cold, anyway.

      Now that I am healed I just make sure to do light warmups at every workout regardless of the body part that I am working on.

      Good luck,


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        have you tried acupuncture with electricity? I have tried art(active release technique,ultrasound,interferential) and the best therapy for me was acu with stim. This only took 3 treatments and the pain was gone. If I get a flare up I use biofreeze and it helps the pain go away. PM me if you want some biofreeze, I have a shitload of packets. Good luck.
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          Originally posted by PECS
          Yeah i've been eating the prescription 800some MG Ibuprofen for it... sems to help but not a great deal. I've over come injuries, but this seems to be nagging all the time.

          Ibuprofen will hinder gains and slow the healing process of your muscles... All NSAIDs will do this...
          It could be a few problems, weak forearms, bad technique, old injury that never healed.... I personally would lay off the curls for awhile say a month...This should let any injurios try curling with lighter wieght using stricter form and not bending your wrist when you are curling. and to strengthen up the forearms i would make sure not to use any straps on heavy lifts, like deads and strugs

          also make sure your Bicep day is not near back day (you could be overtraining and therefore causing your forearms to be under more strain)