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  • #76
    Today i finished working at around 7.30 got to the gym for 50 mins...didnt bother with warmup haha.

    Started on 225 to work in with another lad...was at 352 lbs within 5 mins lol. Got up to 385 lbs (175 kg) for 3 reps then pyramided that shit up and down by a few lbs each set. Did 7 working sets...gave 2-3 mins rest between sets.

    WAs too mind fucked to do another exercise so i stuck to my bar and did 5 sets of 12 with 225.

    Glad i got solid advise from Dr Pangloss on keeping up training during tough months of college. It really does help you figure out how youll manage your time over the next few days and reach deadlines.

    Brain was fucked by the time i got out of college today. Completely zoned out in the gym and feel fuckin wired/awesome afterward.
    Training Log. I train like a manbearpig.


    • #77
      Higher rep week before Beasting shit out on christmas week.

      Ill be shooting for a 200 kg deadlift...milestone. Gonna post up the vid of my attempt.

      Day 1: Monday 13th/12/10


      Military: 5 sets of 12
      -dumbell press 3 sets of 15 after warm up.
      -high raises with barbell

      Training Log. I train like a manbearpig.


      • #78
        Feeling weird and high from school and lifting = win

        Don't neglect warmups even if it only 1 set, my 02


        • #79
          K so today was a bit more enjoyable than what i had planned out. There is no point in me setting out a plan before hand in college all the time.

          Today I started with Standing EZ bar curls for 4 sets + 1 drop and around 12-15 reps per set.

          Followed this up with Ex bar overhead standing extensions for 3 sets of 15 (failure/maybe 1 in the tank)

          -Strict close stance military press. 4 sets of 40 kg for 12. Funny how i have little endurance once i go past 5 reps...hence the weakness here. That being said i had pre exhausted and the close stance no leg drive tapers the weight down quite a bit.

          By the time i finished this shit I thought id give BTN Push Presses a go as ive never tried them. I thought this would afford me more weight! Tried my first rep and my shoulders werent flexible enough to perform the movement haha. MAYBE I SHOULD STRETCH MORE LOL.

          My mate got me a broomstick to swing...did that and worked up to 135 lbs for 8 but hit my self in the back of the head with the bar on last rep :-)

          Shrugs followed this. Kept the reps in and around 12 for 5 sets + 1 drop set to 135 for 20.

          Thats about it.
          Training Log. I train like a manbearpig.


          • #80
            Tuesday. Almost fell asleep standing before deadlifts.

            5 sets of 15 speed deadlifts 225lbs (100kg)

            one arm rows, 40 kg , 50kg,50 kg...12 reps

            lying leg curls, 15,20,20,drop

            calves...80 reps...followed by 4 sets of 5-7 standing
            Training Log. I train like a manbearpig.


            • #81

              4 sets of 12 flat bench (powerlifting form) ...i bench like a shirted bencher
              3 sets + drop set slight incline dumbell

              dips 3 sets of 15 bodyweight

              reverse curls up to 40 kg ...3 sets in total + 1 drop set

              Farmers walks up and down the track with the 50 kg dumbells (225 lbs)

              calves again
              Training Log. I train like a manbearpig.


              • #82
                Training Log. I train like a manbearpig.


                • #83
                  Trained legs and Triceps today

                  -worked up to 110 for 2 sets of 10 ass to I mean ground
                  -dropped the second one to 60 kg for 20 reps

                  Leg press worked up to 180 for 2 sets of 12 then dropped to 160 for 1 set of 12

                  leg curls lying...3 sets

                  leg pumperoo

                  Overhead barbell extensions followed by close grip bench.
                  Training Log. I train like a manbearpig.


                  • #84
                    Got drunk last night. Going sprinting on the football pitch now. Its -2 degrees outside.

                    Training Log. I train like a manbearpig.


                    • #85
                      You are one hardcore motherfucker.


                      • #86
                        Yeah Ive never ran in temperatures like that before. My hands were fucking burning on the way there. Managed 12 good 100 metre sprints after warm up but my lungs were ready to keel. Felt like a chain smoker running for the bus haha.
                        Training Log. I train like a manbearpig.


                        • #87
                          Yea I ran in the bitter cold in boot camp, shit sucked


                          • #88
                            I needed to get off for christmas now...gonna fit in more 'conditioning' sessions... retrieve teh mitochondria i lost since summertime lol.
                            Training Log. I train like a manbearpig.


                            • #89
                              Whoever said alcohol is bad for performance should be set fucking straight.

                              I drank 2 nights in a row and had a savage sesh today.

                              Military press worked up to 2 singles (75 kg)

                              Behind the neck push press worked up to 2 sets of 70 kg for 8 a piece

                              Powercleans 70 kg 4 sets of 8

                              Shrugs worked up to 180 for 8 and turned it into drop set all the way down to 1 plate a side for 20 reps

                              Tricep rope pushdowns. 5 x 12

                              overhead dumbell extensions.
                              Training Log. I train like a manbearpig.


                              • #90
                                Your also very young.