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The Training of a Twenty-Something

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  • often times whenever I read someone's blog I'm so offended by the suggestion that their life is interesting that I want to die.

    Adjust-o-ment week schedule and work/school wise.

    Earlier this week, maybe monday? Push Press 81kg X ThirtEEN, Deadlift 165kg X 10, Weighted Pull-Up 20kg X 8

    Today Weighted Dips 25kg X ThirtEEN, Close-Grip Bench 245 LBS X 5 X 3, High Bar Squat 135kg X 9



    • Rack Jerk: 110kg X 1, 115kg X 1, 120kg X 1

      Hmm. Turns out that's like a 6 kilo PR.

      Snatch: Up to 60kg X 2. Missing 65kg trying to double it. Who the fuck AM I?

      Bike: 30 minutes.


      • Snatch: Got some coaching. Went up to around 80. 75 was nice and clean but 80 was shit.

        Clean: Only up to 90. Missing 2nd rep on doubles. Weird.

        BTN Push Press: Missed 111kg. Triceps had to give at some point with my back to back to back shit. I was pretty down about missing it but after taking a day before logging this I can see why this was such an obvious outcome.

        Currently watching Breaking Bad. Best Television Show ever. But I want Walter White's wife to die or something. Every character in the show is meticulously constructed to have all sorts of depth but I just always can't stand her. I can find myself rooting for Walt and rooting for Hank or Hector (when he was alive) at the same time but her - I just don't care. She's like the Bratty kid in The Walking Dead. Except Breaking Bad is way better than the walking dead because the writers actually make stuff happen.


        • Deadlift: Up to 440 LBS X 1

          Big Post-Back Injury PR for me. Although my best is 475 for a touch and go double I haven't been near this heavy on Deadlifts in a while. I picked this number long ago as an indicator of whether or not I sucked at Deadlifting purely because of sciatica problems or because I had lost a lot of strength. I've always been good for 405 post-injury but never any more. I figured if I could get a nice, big step ahead of 405 (enter the mark at 440lbs/200kg) it would be a sign that I was capable of regaining my pulling strength. So this has been a long term goal that got put on hold when I injured my wrist. Something I've been gunning after for over a year.

          It was also good to hit this because I had some serious doubts going in today. I had just come off a 10.5 hour workday. Doesn't bother me except it shifted my training time much farther back into the day than I'm used to. I had just eaten a big burrito for dinner and with that and a big can of Monster sitting in my gut I was kind of close to puking when I'd set up to pull and my belt would push on my stomach. I was getting some sciatica at lower warm-up weights as well. But when I put on NIN's "We're in this together" my doubt was gone. It's just 440. Always liked that song but it feels more epic nowadays after I saw it playing in a trailer for the Avengers a few months back.

          Then it was past 8:30. So I went home. Figured if I jacked myself up for Front Squats I'd risk not being able to go to sleep.

          While I haven't been good and diligent about it this month, I think doing Boring But Big Deadlifts has really helped me rehab my Deadlift.

          I tried a ton of shit for my back. All sorts of combos of dynamic stretches from the Magnificent Mobility DVD; all the static stretching, foam rolling, lacrosse-balling shit specific to the back and hips that I could find; acupuncture; massage; epidural corticosteroid injection, training the fuck out of my abs, training the fuck out of my posterior chain with assistance exercises. None of that worked for me. But getting my body re-accustomed to the movement through a combination of both heavy singles and high volume is giving me steady progress.


          • Weighted Dips: Up to 145lbs X 1

            Close-Grip Bench Press: Up to 285lbs X 1, 295 X 0

            Overhead Extensions & Barbell Curls: 2 sets


            • High Bar Squat: 155kg X 1, 165kg X 0, 135kg X 10

              Split Snatch: 80kgX1, 70X2, 60X2X3

              Hmmm. Guess new TMs I'll be working form are

              BTN Push Press: TM 220lbs, Goal 110kg.
              Klokov Press or Sots Press...Dunno
              Weighted Pull-Up....Dunno
              Deadlift: TM 435. Goal 210kg.
              Front Squat: TM 275, Goal 315.
              Weighted Dip: TM 305, Goal 355
              Close Grip Bench: TM 255, Goal 295

              Squat - 160kg

              Might not even put numbers on a lot of stuff. Might not use all these lifts.


              • Sunday was...

                Deadlift: Up to 195kg X 1

                Squat: 112kg X 9 X 4

                Today was...

                Squat: 120 X 7 X 5

                Military Press: 157.5 X 3, 172.5 X 1


                • Wanted to Push Press Yesterday but it was too late

                  BTN Push Press: Up to 90X3, 96.5X1, 103X1

                  Barbell Curl: 135X2X6, 45X100

                  Push Press in Kilos. Curls in Pounds. I brought shorts but, as a gag, didn't even change clothes at the gym. I did the 103kg Push Press without any belt, wrist wraps, knee wraps, or oly shoes. I was wearing a button-up shirt, khakis, and black dress shoes.


                  • Close Grip Bench: Goal 295, TM 270, Hit 272.5 Tonight

                    Weighted Dips: Goal 355 (BW 200), TM 325, Hit 327.5 Tonight (127.5 Belt Weight)

                    Overhead Barbell Extensions (kinda sloppy tonight) 115X10 straight into
                    Straight Barbell Curls: 115X7

                    Moar Barbell Curls: 45X70 something


                    • Deadlift: Up to 168kg X 10

                      Squat: 122kg X 9 X 4


                      • Wednesday...
                        Squat 130X7X5
                        Press: Shit, I dunno.
                        Push Press: Forogt

                        Squat 138X5X7


                        • Saturday: Squat 146 Kilos for 10 Triples. Then Benched 230 Pounds for 10. Then Pull-ups with 35 for 8. Then Dips with 75 for 8. Then I did 200 reps of empty barbell curls. 201 actually. Check out the video if you're bored to death. I made the claim that, since I can do them right away without any prior training, they're basically worthless. I don't believe in the whole "accumulated stress" thing where, if you just plug away for months or years doing high volume band pushdowns or reverse sled drags or curls that you're body will change in a way that's significant. So BAM. I'm fit enough to do a 200 rep set of curls right now. Doing that shit every week for the next 3 months won't make a big difference in me or cause a big adaptation. And on top of that, it's fucking prima facia silly. No one has used 100 or 200 rep curl sets as a staple in their training.

                          There's this attitude on the internet that grossly inhibits any chance for progressive discourse. It may be broader than this but here's the attitude.
                          (1) You can't pass judgment on anything unless you've perfectly duplicated the experience yourself. Have you ever jumped off a bridge before? No? Well, then you aren't afforded an opinion on the matter.

                          (2) There is a reasonable alternative to every viewpoint, and it deserves to be heard. This attitude is prolific and extends beyond the internet. It sounds like a balanced, mature position to have - if you're a fool. Rest assured that when public lynchings where outlawed, there was some newspaper article responding with "Lynchings - are we losing a valuable part of our culture?"

                          (3) Everyone who disagrees with me is a hater.

                          Ok. And today (Monday)

                          Pulled 188kg, then 193kg, then 200kg.

                          Squat 127kg for Four Sets of Nine. Rapid Fire on Last Set of 9.


                          • Squat 135 X 7 X 4

                            Last 2 reps of the last set I did I tweaked my right groin a bit. Don't want to push it. Skipped the last set of 7. Skipped Press & Push Press. Will do it tomorrow.Currently have an ice pack shoved down in my dick zone.

                            I am not thrilled about this situation.