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Mathieu training journal

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  • Mathieu training journal

    Hey everybody, my name is Mathieu, and I'm register here since few days.

    I think than create a journal is a good way to introduce myself, well, I will try to show you some of my trainings days. If you have any question, don't hesitate to put them.

    Age : 21
    Height : 5.7 ft
    Weight : 165 lbs

    Lifts :
    Bench press : 1X200 lbs, soon 220
    One arm rowing : 12X 80 lbs
    Dumbell curl : 10X 44 lbs
    Incline leg press : 10X 620 lbs

    Military press : 1X 130lbs

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    Hey Man.

    Welcome to the section. SVT03DAL, Austin_Bicep and I are the Forum Leaders in this section. If you have any questions, please let us know. I encourage you to check out other journals here in this section as we have a great group of trainers here.

    Tell us what your diet, current split, reps and sets look like.
    Not Everything. Not Yet.


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      Thank you to your welcome, my workout is :

      Monday :

      Bench press : 5x5 (actually, I try to take strenght for later)
      Peck deck : 4X12-15
      Pull over : 4X12-15

      Dumbell or Barbell curl 3X10
      Low cable curl 3X10

      Tuesday :

      Incline leg press 5X10-12
      Leg extension 4X15-20
      Leg curl 4X15
      Seated calf 4X30

      Wednesday : nothing

      Thursday or Friday :

      Bench press : 5x5 (actually, I try to take strenght for later)

      and back or shoulders :

      pulldown : 5X10
      cable seated neutral row : 5X10
      dumbell row : 5x12


      convergent press 5X10 + dropset (I believe it's this term)
      cable lateral raise 4X25
      Seated Rear Delt Row 4x 12-15

      and I finish always by pushdown with rope or barbell

      Nothing the weekend

      Usually, I haven't the time to follow exactly this workout, but my training days look like it. I haven't a diet, honesty I eat what I want


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        Welcome aboard!


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          Today :

          Bench press 5X85 3X87.5 3X87.5 + 1 rep forced, 4X85, 4X 85

          Peck deck 4x12@55

          Pushdown 4X10-15@40

          L Fly 4X20

          Rear delt row : 4X12@30

          (the weight are in KG, 1 kg = 2.2 lbs if you want converter)


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            bench : 7x175, 6x 175 + 1 rep forced, 4x175 + 1 forced, 7x165 with help (in lbs)

            High Cable Standing Fly : 2x12@88 + 2x15@88 lbs
            pulldown 10x 125 lbs, 2x10@137.5 lbs 8x150 lbs


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              incline leg press : 2x12@550, 12x600,10x660

              leg ext :4x15@130
              leg curl : 4x15@90

              seated calf : 5x50@110


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                Originally posted by MathieuS View Post
                incline leg press : 2x12@550, 12x600,10x660

                leg ext :4x15@130
                leg curl : 4x15@90

                seated calf : 5x50@110
                is that the hack, legpress, or vertical leg press like this one below?



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                  wait, I'll try to find a pic


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                    it's that press


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                      Damn, thats a steeeep leg press!


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                        I've not much kind of machines for the legs in my Gym, that press, a smith machine, and a kind Seated Leg Press, then I use always the press on the picture


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                          Bench Press : 5X175, 5X187, 2X4@ 187 + 1 helped, 2x192.5

                          High Cable Standing Fly: 3x12@88

                          Pullover : 3x12@48

                          Convergent Shoulder Press Machine : 10x260, 7x260, 2x6@260


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                            Bench press: 5X4@ 187lbs

                            High Cable Standing Fly: 4x12@99

                            Pullover : 4x12@48


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                              pulldown 5x10@ 137.5

                              cable seated neutral row : 5x10@ 154 if i remember

                              one dumbell rowing : 4x12@ 80

                              shrugs : 4x20@ 44