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    Good progress in here Tony, keep it up. Glad to hear too that your liver isn't infected.


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      Today's Workout - Arms

      5 min treadmill - 4 degree incline @ 2.7mph

      close grip bench - 4x10-12 175lb-195lb
      standing cable push down - 4x12-15 80-110lb
      incline skull crusher - 4x12-15 70lb-90lb
      cable kick back - 4x12-15 30lb-40lb

      cable 2h curls - 4x10-12 70lb-100lb
      preacher ez bar curl - 4x10-12 60lb-80lb
      incline alternating db curl - 25lb-35lb
      single arm cable curl - 12-15 40lb-55lb

      20 mins treadmill - 4degree incline @ 3mph


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        Had to take a week off. My son got extremely sick and was running a 103 fever for a few days which eventually got me just as sick.

        Today's Workout

        5 min treadmill @ 2.7mph

        flat bb bench - 4x10-12 185lb-225lb
        incline db bench - 4x10-12 65lb-80lb db's
        pec dec - 4x12-15 110lb-140lb

        wide grip pull down - 4x12-15 140lb-160lb
        close grip pull down 4x12-15 140lb-160lb

        Back has been having some spasms so I took it easy today on that. No cardio mixed in with lifting this week as I'm still having a hard time breathing from being sick. Will be doing cardio on my non lifting days.


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          Feel better Tony. Don't worry about the weights. Put all energy into getting over being sick.
          Not Everything. Not Yet.


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            I'm back.

            Had some set backs with my back and had to plow through a bunch of opiates again and laid off the gym.

            The good news - My spine is 100% fused and the fusion is stronger than what the spine does naturally. I am no longer limited on exercises that I am allowed to do. I will stay away from any bent movements that require me to hold a neutral spine position and stay away from squating/deadlifting. I still have A LOT of work to do as my spine stabilization muscles are slowly getting worked back up.

            Today's Workout

            core/spine work 15 minutes
            flat bb bench - 3x10-12 205lb-225lb
            incline db bench - 3x10-12 75lb-85lb db's
            body weight dips - 4x12-15

            30 mins elliptical - 5mph @ 10 resistance


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              Got a few workouts in over the weekend but didn't log them. Home life and work life have been HECTIC to say the least. Sometimes I really hate the line of work that I am in.

              Today's Workout

              5 min treadmill warmup 5 degrees incline @ 2.9mph

              Leg extensions - 4x12-15 130-160lbs
              Leg press - 4x8-12 5-6 plates per side (first time doing leg presses since my surgeries. I felt like I had more in my legs but I didn't want to put too much load on my back just yet)
              Walking Lunges - 3 sets carrying 2 25lb db's (2nd week in a row doing these and they are fantastic for making me work to keep my core/hips stable)
              Seated calf raises - 4x12-15 90lb-135lb

              I was still feeling energized and I hadn't hit shoulders in a while so I decided to throw some in.

              Seated BB military press 4x8-10 135lb-145lb (first time doing these in over a year. 135 felt pretty good on my back but 145 put a little too much pressure on my low back so I backed it down to 135 for the remaining sets)
              Bent over DB laterals - 4x12-15 15-25lb
              Seated DB laterals - 4x12-15 15-25lb

              30 mins elliptical - 5mph @ 10 resistance

              Core/Spine stabilization work - 15mins


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                Since I'm 100% off the pills it's been a lot easier keeping myself on a cleaner diet. I am seeing positive changes every 2 to 3 days and I'm leaning out pretty quickly. My strength is really starting to rebound now that I'm able to put some effort into my lifts as well.

                My macro's are based loosely around 250g protein, 250-300g carbs and fat comes from cooking my food with olive oil. This is the most I've eaten while trying to lean out and it's been working wonders. I think throughout the years I had a tendency to under eat and burn a lot of muscle. I also started dieting way too hard too soon. I've gotten some advice from guys and my starting macro's were close to their end of cutting for a competition macros.


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                  Hey Right on Tony. That is very cool. I am happy for you.
                  Not Everything. Not Yet.


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                    Do you still come on here man? How is your back doing a year later after the surgery? My Dr. just told me because of my herniation I will need surgery. I refuse to believe it though.