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Robb Get's His Ass in Shape

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    Inc Bench (3/0/X) 225x4/255x4
    Smith Flat Bench (6/1/1) 180x7 Rest/Pause 3,2,1,1 total of 14
    Inc Flye (2/4/1) 35'sx8/40'sx6
    Superset Mach Press 120x36 Pec Deck 80x31
    Pull down (6/1/1) 180x4/200x4 + 7 Partials
    Partial deads (3/0/X) 360x4/410x3
    Superset Straight Arm Pulldown 90x32, Mach Row 120x30
    Workout was good. Very sore from yesterday


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      45 boring minutes of cardio! Nothing special.


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        Monday 10/15/2007
        It began a day like yesterday and the day before......little did I know what was in store. I just finished my long weekend at work Fri, Sat, and Sun 630pm-630am and I just wanted to sleep. I get to the gym and start to warm up and that's when it hits the zone......see it started 45 minutes before with the whey and waxy maize shake and continued with me sipping TORRENT on the way to the gym...time for action...what happens next is torturous..painful....sickening....and most importantly the most GROWTH STIMULATING workout I've had in a long time
        Behind Neck Smith (3/0/X) 180x4/200x4
        Laterals (2/4/1) 30'sx8/35'sx8
        Giant Set 1)Smith Press70x40, 2)Bar Front Raise 45x25, 3)DB Laterals 15'sx20, 4) Rear DB Laterals 25'sx13
        DB Curl (3/0/X) 40'sx4/50'sx4
        Inc Curl (6/1/1) 35'sx7/40'sx6
        Tri-Set 1)Cable Curl 70x40, 2)Machine Preacher 45x12, 3) Hammer Curl 20'sx10
        Rev. Grip Bench (3/0/X) 150x4/200x4 rest/Pausex2x2
        Overhead Ext. (6/1/1) 120x8/130x8
        Tri-Set 1)Pushdown 80x35, 2)Push Out 80x27, 3)Close Grip Push Up BWx15
        Painful Extreme Stretching DELTS/BI's/TRI's
        By the end of this brutal workout my triceps were cramping...on the way home I sipped 50g whey/30gWaxy/20g Gatorade....and I think I'm sore already! I'm definitely whooped and I can't feel my arms!


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          Tuesday 10/16/2007
          Standing Calf Raise on Smith 180x40, 270x25, 360x15, 180x12 DC Calves
          SLDL 180x10, 230x10, 270x6
          Leg Curl Rest/pause (6/1/1) 140x15,7,5,3
          Hack Squat 300x15, 400x10
          Smith Squat 270x15, 270x10
          Tri-Set Hack Squat 200x37, Smith Squat 180x17, Leg Ext Rest/Pause 120x15,12,10

          I know I'll be hurting tomorrow.


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            35 Minutes of Cardio around the 1 mile lake yard. Jog a mile walk a mile for 35 minutes. BORING! At least it was a nice day and I could get a tan.


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              Dec Smith Press (3/0/X) 270x8/320x4+1+1+1
              Inc Smith (6/1/1) 230x3/230x3+1+1+1
              Inc Flye (2/4/1) 40'sx8/45'sx7
              Tri-Set Mach Bench 120x40, Pec Deck 90x24, Push Up BWx15
              Stretch/Flex 3x60seconds each
              Rev Grip Pull Up (6/1/1) BWx4/BWx4+1+1+1
              Rev Grip Row (3/0/X) 135x12/185x10 Just getting back into these
              Seated Cable Row (3/0/X) 120x14/140x12
              Tri-Set CG Assisted Pull Up 140x27, Mach Row 120x15, Str8 Arm Pulldown 90x32
              Stretch/Flex 3x60 seconds each


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                DB Press (3/0/X) 80'sx8/90'sx4
                Laterals (3/0/X) 35'sx8/40's7
                Giant Set Smith Military Behind Neck 70x41, Bar Front Raise 40x32, DB Laterals 15'sx20, Rear Laterals 25'sx 16
                Preacher Curl (6/1/1) 100x4/130x4+1+1+1(7)
                Concentration Curl (2/4/1) 30'sx8/35'sx6
                Tri-Set Cable Curl 70x35, Mach Preacher 40x34, Cable Hammer Curl 45x24
                Floor Skulls (3/0/X) 110x10+5+3+1
                Overhead Ext (6/1/1) 130x8/140x6
                Tri-Set Puschdown 90x43, Push Out 90x37, Close Grip Push up BW(206.5)x16

                My triceps are sore already. I woke up this morning and weighed 206.5lbs. Down from 213lbs last week. Cleaned up my diet a lot but I am eating more. Just ordered some Pepto-Pro Protein from, they are having a 50% off sale on it so I got 2lbs for the price of one. Here's a write up on it:


                With PeptoPro®, DSM gives a new meaning to the concept of sports drinks. The use of proteins in ready-to-use sports drinks was limited up to now: there were solution problems, as well as stability and digestive problems if complete proteins were used. Protein hydrolysates dissolve better in water, are more bioavailable and easier to digest but their bitter, unpleasant taste limited their use. Now with PeptoPro® you can make clear, stable peptide drinks which are not bitter.

                The secret? The patented DSM technology for protein hydrolysis. This result is di- and tripeptides which are soluble, not bitter and non-allergenic.

                Muscle refueling
                The active peptides in PeptoPro® stimulate the production of insulin, which in turn results in better utilization of glucose by the muscle cells. The clinical results? PeptoPro® is superior to ordinary carbohydrate drinks - both during exertion (endurance) as well as after it (recovery).

                This is why the Dutch Olympic Committee recommend PeptoPro® to its athletes.

                Proteins are in
                The scientific evidence for the physiological value of proteins as opposed to carbohydrates has been piling up. The possibilities for using PeptoPro® in a new range of drinks for children, women and elderly people are almost unlimited.

                Patented technology

                The patented PeptoPro® enzyme breaks proteins down into the smallest of parts. These di- or tripeptides comprise two or three amino acids. They are water soluble, no longer bitter and are immediately taken up in the body.

                Soluble proteins
                To make proteins soluble and available faster for the body, they are split into peptide pieces with the help of proteases. There are different enzymes available, depending on their preference for the place where they break through the amino-acid chain. The broken-up protein pieces are called peptides; they consist of at least two amino acids.

                Casein hydrolysis
                If standard enzymes are used to cleave the milk protein casein, then this creates dissolvable oligopeptides with a bitter taste. Exoproteases detach the first amino acids from a peptide chain, one at a time. Also, these free amino acids are bitter and, what is more, unstable.

                DSM used only endopeptidases and a new patented endoprotease with a ‘preference’ for the amino acid proline. This specifically cuts the bitter peptides into pieces which are not bitter anymore. The resulting di- and tripeptides are constructed from two or three amino acids, are water soluble and no longer bitter. In this way the unique PeptoPro® production process ensures that no single amino acids are formed and, equally important, that the bitter peptides are removed! In addition, di- and tripeptides do not cause any allergic reactions.

                Di-& tripeptides
                Beside all their practical advantages, di- and tripeptides can be used much faster by the organism. The proteins are, after all, already split up and can be absorbed by the body without further ado. Also they do not lie in your stomach like a brick, which means that PeptoPro® can also be taken before or during a sports performance.

                Recovery & endurance

                Proof for all to see! Various clinical studies show the superiority of the combination of carbohydrates with protein and PeptoPro®, not only after an exertion (recovery) but also before and during (endurance).

                Faster recovery convinces Olympic Committee
                The NUTRIM department of Maastricht University (The Netherlands) compared PeptoPro® Sports (4,2 g PeptoPro® and 8,2 g carbohydrate per 100 ml) with a ‘normal’ sports drink (8,2 g carbohydrate per 100 ml). Exhausting exercise was followed by a short recovery time of 5 hours. During this time the athletes were given a PeptoPro® drink (330ml) every half an hour. Then followed a second training session.

                PeptoPro doubled the production of insulin after exercise and significantly reduced plasma glucose levels, showing the uptake of the glucose into the muscle was accelerated. The faster the glucose is taken up by the muscle, the faster the muscle produces glycogen, as our battery is reloaded and recovered.

                Even though the recovery time was very short, PeptoPro® accelerated the maximum performance by 5% in comparison with a ‘classic’ sugar drink, which was not significant because of the low number of only 12 athletes. These results convinced the Dutch Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF) to such an extent that they advised their athletes to use PeptoPro® as a recovery drink in their preparations for and during the Olympiad in Athens 2004.

                Energy refuel
                During the recovery period blood samples were taken 11 times to measure the concentrations of insulin and glucose. PeptoPro® gave the insulin production a boost (graph left). As a result, the glucose in the blood was absorbed faster by the muscles, so that their energy reserves were topped up more rapidly. Both differences are statistically significant (P<0,0001 and P<0,05).

                Double action

                The di- and tripeptides in PeptoPro® can be used immediately by the body. In addition, in combination with carbohydrates (sugar) after exercise they stimulate the production of insulin so that the muscle cells can use the glucose in the blood faster and better.

                Faster muscle refuelling and energy recovery
                Does the body require extra energy? Then taking in carbohydrates is not enough in itself. Insulin is also needed to draw on the extra sugar supply. PeptoPro® gives a boost to the production of insulin, and as a result the glucose in the blood can be used faster by the muscles.

                Yes to amino acids, no to the discomfort
                Two-thirds of muscle-cell proteins consist of glutamine. PeptoPro® also contains large quantities of glutamine (26%) in the form of stable, ‘fast’ glutamine peptides.

                The amino-acid composition of PeptoPro® (blue in the graph) is wholly comparable to that of casein (green). The PeptoPro® di- and tri peptides are so small that PeptoPro® is hypoallergenic in contrast to casein.

                Whole range of applications

                Protein synthesis
                Amino acids are the building blocks of muscles and tissue, skin and hair, the molecules of our immune system, membranes, hormones and neurotransmitters, enzymes, DNA and RNA. With di- and tripeptides they have finally become available in a soluble and a non-bitter form.

                That is why active peptides are an essential component in sports drinks, both for recovery and for endurance . And yet, their possible application is much broader because of a unique combination of practical and physiological advantages.

                PeptoPro® as a source of amino acids can stimulate protein synthesis and thus have a positive influence on raising or maintaining muscle mass. This offers new perspectives for all people who need to maintain or to increase their muscle mass for example overweight people during calory restriction, children, women, elderly people and also managers who skip often their meals.

                Stimulate muscle building in overweight people
                An increased protein intake combined with resistance training can stimulate muscle growth in people who are on a calorie restricted diet. More muscle mass that burns more calories, improves your body shape (because muscle mass has a lower volume than fat mass) and makes it easier to maintain a healthier and lower body weight. So it must be the target of all overweight people to increase their lean muscle mass.

                R Demling and L DeSanti carried out a study with 34 American police officers who were overweight. They all followed a hypocaloric diet (80% RDA) for 12 weeks. The second group received extra whey proteins (1,5 g/kg/day) and the third group was given extra casein hydrolysate (1,5 g/kg/day).

                All three groups lost similar amounts of body weight. The protein enriched diets lead to a greater loss of body fat and increased lean body mass which resulted in a definite increase in muscle power!

                Both proteins, whey and casein, were given in the form of hydrolysates. Therefore the uptake and the digestion of the proteins were very similar. The only difference lays in the amino acid composition between casein and whey. The results show that the amino acid composition in casein was better for building up new muscle tissue than whey.

                PeptoPro® is a source of an easy digestable casein hydrolysate, similar to that used in the study above. Therefore PeptoPro® can be used in diets to stimulate muscle growth and muscle strength. The use is not limited to overweight people, but also elderly people, children and athletes can use it .


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                  This is my last week of FD/FS before I start P/RR/S until the end of November at which time I will evaluate my progress and possibly go back to DC.
                  Smith Squat (3/0/X) 340x4/360x4
                  Hack Squat (6/1/1) 300x6/300x6
                  Superset Squat 180x22, Leg Ext 100x20,12
                  Leg Curl 100x21,13
                  Seated Calf Raise (3/0/X) 180x6, (5/15/1) 135x12, (1/0/1) 90x22


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                    I should have been coming around here to check this out...

                    Looks like you have a serious plan of action!! And yet... another thread to keep up with daily

                    If cardio is getting you down, I suggest listening to No Bull Radio The time will pass very quickly, and then before you know it, 2 hours has passed, and you have done too much!


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                      Thanks for stopping by, I've never liked cardio, probably cuz I was always the fat kid, I learned a lot from Shawn and we worked together for a while. I am taking a small detour from DC for a little and giving P/RR/S. I am going to step on stage at some point early next year with a little help from Eric Brosser who will be doing my diet only. But I appreciate any comments. I'll have to get the no bull radio downloaded. Thanks again. GX


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                        Flat Bench (3/0/X) 300x4/315x3
                        Inc Smith Bench (6/1/1) 255x3/255x3
                        Inc Flye (2/4/1) 35'sx8/45'sx6
                        Superset Mach Press 120x40, Pec Deck 90x20
                        Cable Curl 100x22, 120x18, 140x15
                        Conc Curl 30'sx12, 35'sx10
                        1 arm Preacher 50x20, 60x15, 70x10

                        I am physically beat from 3 weeks of FD/FS so next week will be a cruise week before I go into my POWER week. Getting stonger every workout with noticeable size increase from a few weeks ago.


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                          Originally posted by dcbliever View Post
                          Flat Bench (3/0/X) 300x4/315x3
                          Inc Smith Bench (6/1/1) 255x3/255x3
                          Inc Flye (2/4/1) 35'sx8/45'sx6
                          Superset Mach Press 120x40, Pec Deck 90x20
                          Cable Curl 100x22, 120x18, 140x15
                          Conc Curl 30'sx12, 35'sx10
                          1 arm Preacher 50x20, 60x15, 70x10

                          I am physically beat from 3 weeks of FD/FS so next week will be a cruise week before I go into my POWER week. Getting stonger every workout with noticeable size increase from a few weeks ago.
                          That is good to hear!!


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                            I cruised for the rest of the week I've done cardio for 45 minutes the past 3 days and will start training again tomorrow. I am going back to the DC three way split as I entered a contest @ IM and it gives me more time for cardio which I need.