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Building From Nothing

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  • Building From Nothing

    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 177lbs

    This is just about training and my lifestyle. I want to grow, and live a nice life. So with that, I will keep most everything in this thread.

    These pics here very recent
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    From this summer. Only growing from here on out.
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      Because I have an endo appointment on tuesday I decided not to train all this week. I shouldn't have made this journal until then but at the time hadn't decided.

      I got some so much anger in me that I feel this is going to be a productive year in the gym. I have no distractions. I just have what I want to accomplish this year and that's the only important thing going.


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        Good luck man. Joker, Austin Bicep and myself are your Forum Leaders...let us know if you need anything.


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          Since I felt like it, did 20/20/15 on pushups, close stance emphasis on tri's


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            What my food consists of right now is pretty much just egg whites, tuna, beef, pork for protein. carbs are usually rice, potato, oats, grits. fats from peanut butter, cashews, almonds, avacado. i eat lots of vegetables especially broccoli and asparagus.

            i drink coffee and water. no soda. gatorade powder sometimes.

            i just do basic things.


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              I'll be checking in as well bro, keep up the good work.

              What's your training split look like?


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                Mon/Tue Thur/Fri


                Abs/Calves every other day. Pushups whenever. I do a lot of walking so I'm not doing any set time for cardio.


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                  That's a nice split. Refreshing to see someone training antagonist groups.


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                    I keep it pretty basic on what I do also. A quick example would be

                    Back - Chins, BB row, Deads, Lat Pull.. then maybe some db rows
                    Biceps - BB curl, db hammer curl, machine preachers... i switch these up all the time
                    Chest - flat and incline bench, wide chins, dips, flies
                    Triceps - pushdowns, dips, maybe close grip bench
                    Delts - military presses, lots of lateral raises
                    Legs - squats, leg press, lunges, extensions, curls

                    my gym only has a smith squat rack and I don't even like using it with really heavy weight so I pre-exhaust my quads before hand. ppl probably think this is stupid at my experience level but that smith is on it's last legs anyway. any time someone loads it right up it breaks for a few weeks.


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                      Originally posted by SVT03DAL View Post
                      Good luck man. Joker, Austin Bicep and myself are your Forum Leaders...let us know if you need anything.
                      This is true
                      Not Everything. Not Yet.


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                        After all the shit through the holidays I finally got into the gym today. A bit over 2 weeks on andro.

                        Rear Delt Seated Cable Rows: 50 x 20, 70 x 15, 80 x 10
                        Seated Military: 45 x 20, 65 x 12, 65 x 8, 65 x 8
                        Seated Overhead Press: 30 x 5 + 20 x 6 (drop set)
                        Side DB Laterals: 15 x 8, 15 x 6, 15 x 4
                        Shrugs: 55 x 10 (4 sets)

                        BB curl: 65 x 10, 85 x 4
                        Reverse grip BB curl: 65 x 8, 65 x 7, 65 x 4
                        Machine Preachers: 40 x 10, 40 x 8 + 20 x 10 (drop set)

                        BB wrist curls: bar x 15 (5 sets)

                        I was most impressed with how much stamina I had. I'm interested into seeing how quick my recovery time is. Seated military press felt great and that's not such a good lift for me. I feel stronger, and feel confident.

                        PWO I had 500ml liquid egg whites and a coke.