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Journey to UKBFF Mens Physique show

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  • Journey to UKBFF Mens Physique show

    Hey guys! So I'm relatively new to the forum, but have been following MD for a while, through the magazine and online. I've decided to enter a show in the UK, namely the mens physique category, which is know is becoming a big hit over here in the US. I have my sisters wedding coming up in August, so maybe looking to do the show around September/October time. The show is a qualifier for the nationals in November, where the top 2 qualify for it.

    Stats are: 6"1/80kg/ body-fat around 9-10% maybe lower.

    Rather than bore you with the details of my diet ill jump right to it! Today I'm training back/biceps with a training partner at a more hardcore bodybuilding gym. I'm expecting the workout to be intense one, as my friend has a lot more size that me. I quite like the atmosphere in this gym... It's a 'spit & sawdust' hardcore type place, with weights clanging and booming music, probably like a smaller version of Metroflex in Texas where Branch Warren and JJ train... Or from at least what I've seen in the videos!!

    Diet has been OK so far this week, although this could still be improved. I'm currently supplementing with Omega 3, multivitamin, whey protein and green tea extract. Current conditioning can be seen below:


    Inspirations include fitness model Rob Riches, who recently won a UKBFF physique show and Doug Miller, IFPA Pro natural bodybuilder, amongst others.

    Woke up early this morning and can't get back to sleep, hence why I'm writing this so early from the UK. I hope you all enjoy following my journey to compete and any input/feedback is most welcome. This will be my first time competing, so I am still unsure about the posing etc, so I'm going to see a show in the next month or two to see what it's all about. Anyway, ill update the workout later for you all to see. Hopefully I crush it!

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    Welcome aboard man! If you have any questions let myself, The Joker or AustinBicep know. We are your Forum Leaders. We have a great group of people on here and the more interaction you have with member's journals, the more feedback you will get in turn. BEST OF LUCK WITH YOU FIRST SHOW!


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      Instagram: Deak007


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        01.05.2013: Chest/Forearms/Abs


        Chest Press Machine (seat lower to hit upper chest)
        25kg x 20
        40kg x 20
        60kg x 20
        75kg x 6 > 40kg x 13

        Incline Dumbbell Flye
        12kg x 15
        18kg x 10
        24kg x 6

        Incline Smith Press (weight of bar not included)
        30kg x 20
        50kg x 10
        55kg x 4 > 30kg x 15

        Cable Crossover (low)
        7.5kg x 50
        12.5kg x 30
        15kg x 12


        Reverse Dumbbell Curl
        6kg x 20
        10kg x 30
        12kg x 20


        Plate Side Bend
        10kg x 20
        10kg x 20
        10kg x 20

        Was a good workout for chest... My weakest bodypart. Still got some DOMS today, so must be a good sign.


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          02.05.2013: Back/Biceps

          Trained with a friend today @ a more hardcore, bodybuilding orientated gym. Clanging weights and booming music... Great atmosphere even though it was relatively quiet!


          Lat Pulldown
          Warmup: 3 plates x 30
          7 plates x 20
          9 plates x 8
          4 plates x 40

          Barbell Bent-Over Row
          60kg x 20
          80kg x 20
          100kg x 20
          120kg x 10 *PB
          Underhand grip: 60kg x 20

          T-Bar Row Machine
          40kg x 20
          60kg x 10
          60kg x 15 > 40kg x 10 > 20kg x 10 *Burned me out, but great pump!

          Close-Grip Cable Row
          3 plates x 20
          5 plates x 10
          *Focus on holding @ the top and squeezing.


          Barbell Shrug
          60kg x 20
          60kg x 20
          80kg x 20
          60kg x 20
          *Focus on contraction and squeeze of the traps.


          *Warmed up with dumbbell hammer curls.

          Rope Hammer Curl
          Warmup: 2 plates x 40
          5 plates x 30
          11 plates x 15
          14 plates x 10

          Straight Cable Curl (standing)
          5 plates x 20
          8 plates x 15

          Was a great workout overall.... High intensity, good amount of weight and plenty of volume. Was good to train with someone who is strong to push me. Will be back @ that gym to train again, as always seem to have a very productive workout every time I go. Post workout had a protein shake and a Starbucks Venti iced Mocha to follow... Something I've never tried before, but was nice in the hot weather! Tomorrow is quads/forearms/abs and I'm already looking forward to it. Update later


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            Originally posted by David Lees View Post
            Welcome aboard man! If you have any questions let myself, The Joker or AustinBicep know. We are your Forum Leaders. We have a great group of people on here and the more interaction you have with member's journals, the more feedback you will get in turn. BEST OF LUCK WITH YOU FIRST SHOW!
            Thank you for the welcome dude


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              03.05.2013: Shoulders/Traps/Triceps/Calves

              Trained @ the same bodybuilding gym I was at yesterday. Wasn't too busy when I got there... Counted the walk from my car as a warmup (hot weather), so got right to it. Lateral raises first to get some blood in the delts.


              Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise
              20lbs dumbbells x 20
              30lbs dumbbells x 20
              40lbs dumbbells x 20
              50lbs dumbbells x 10

              Seated Shoulder Press Machine
              4 plates (28kg) x 20
              6 plates (36kg) x 12
              7 plates (40kg) x 8 drop-set> 3 plates (24kg) x 15
              *This is quite a cool, old school machine... The fact that its seated makes it harder to cheat.
              *Train rear delts another day.


              Barbell Shrug
              60kg x 20
              100kg x 15
              140kg x 10 drop-set> 60kg x 30

              Machine Shrug
              50kg x 20 (warmup)
              80kg x 20
              95kg x 20
              100kg (stack) x 20 drop-set> 60kg x 30
              *Another old school machine.... Great for targeting the traps.


              Rope Pushdown
              4 plates x 20 (warmup)
              7 plates x 20
              9 plates x 15
              11 plates x 6 Drop-set> 6 plates x 20

              BW x 15
              BW x 15
              BW + chains x 6 Drop-set> BW x 4

              Dumbbell Skullcrusher (flat bench)
              15lbs dumbbells x 20
              20lbs dumbbells x 10
              25lbs dumbbells x 4


              Hack Squat Calf Raise
              40kg x 20
              40kg x 20

              Seated Calf Raise
              1 small plate x 20
              2 small plates x 30
              2 small plates x 20 / drop-set> 1 small plate x 20 / drop-set> standing BW x failure

              I'm really enjoying working out at this different gym... Although its a long commute, I always seem to have a great workout every time I go there. It feels like something from Rocky in there.... Primitive iron weights and heavy training! I can see why so many people have recommended it. Afterwards I necked my PWO protein shake and headed into town for another Starbucks (same as yesterday).... But this time opted for an iced caramel macchiato (it's as nice as it sounds!) Enjoyed the drive home in the nice weather; now just got to shower up and got a few hours @ work later. Tomorrow will be quads/forearms/abs and ill update after the workout... Will probably be @ my local gym for that one.


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                Wow man, great progress, I have the same goals as you and am roughly the same stats except I'm a fatty (trying to lean up atm lol). I'll be keeping a close eye on your log and offering any support I can. Hopefully I'll have a log of my own up shortly