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Creating a Monster!

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    Originally posted by megaguitar01 View Post
    Bad your one to judge dnutz lol at least he wasnt talking to a pro


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      Originally posted by ckcrown84 View Post
      First of all welcome to my thread, I am here to learn, share my training and experience, and to grow in the lifting community.

      Right here is a current pic:

      Here are my Current Competition Stats:

      Ironman Classic -- Southern Powerlifting Federation
      March 02, 2013
      Kyle Brown 196.0 Oh 365 425 430 1220

      Low, You bet! Potential for growth? Damn right!

      I encourage all of you to follow me here and on Facebook at:

      So this is all about Creating a Monster... So let us begin!



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        Originally posted by D-NUTZ View Post
        Bad. You're one to judge, D-NUTZ. LOL. At least he wasn't talking to a pro.


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          Originally posted by CaveMan View Post
          Bad. You're one to judge, D-NUTZ. LOL. At least he wasn't talking to a pro.
          Thanks bro. Makes sense now. Still don't know why he said that though.


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            I'm backing out...
            I went Camp Crystal Lake when I was younger.

            Training Log


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              Yeah those forearms and triceps are hot.


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                a little confused here.

                is this a journal? move it to that section.
                working on PLing or BBing? I assume PLing with the stats on the first page. When is the next meet?


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                  Originally posted by D-NUTZ View Post
                  I dont even know what I said.
                  "STAND PROUD! Whether youre seated, standing or even laying on your back" - Ben Pak


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                    ^^^^ I think we have passed reality and now we are lost somewhere between the universes..


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                      Originally posted by ryantunna View Post
                      arms look a little suspect....
                      Yeah. Arms look a bit odd in that back shot.
                      "It's dark, and the mayne is hot"


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                        Originally posted by Lorenzo Marinčić View Post
                        I predict at least 10 pages and this time I'm sure we'll see Sil's work...
                        why dude? he wasn't cocky or acting like a douche...
                        I see good motivation that's all.


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                          Suspect Synthol Arms.
                          HOPE THIS HELPS


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                            Not at all sure how my shots are "suspect"

                            Also, I am a Powerlifter so I am not too concerend with bloat or fat... I am not in any way claiming nor trying to be a bodybuilder.
                            My goals are a 500lbs bench, and to get my squat and DL up to respectable numbers. I compete in August again.

                            Also I had a MOD tell me to move my thread here... for several reasons. So this will be a mixture of a workout thread, PL + Bodybuilding discussion thread, and tips / motivation / advice thread.... sounds perfect for no bullshit to me...

                            Here are some more pics (a bit older by a month or so) so that you can further critique my suspect biceps

                            Thanks for the support guys and discussion!

                            Here is a video of me prepping for a lift...
                            Follow me on Facebook:


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                              Originally posted by The Dark Knight View Post
                              Suspect Synthol Arms.
                              Never touched the stuff, and never will.

                              My drugs = Anadrol, Test, Tren
                              I am not currently on cycle but they may be changing here very soon.

                              Also Synthol is disgusting... My arms the result of just PL training. I rarely even do "biceps."
                              Follow me on Facebook:


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                                Sweet tribal tattoo on your back.

                                How did you ever get the idea for it?