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Rustys going to win in 2015

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  • Rustys going to win in 2015

    This is my first post in these forums. I am 41 and have been lifting since I was 16. I started out training with what I found in magazines but I didn't pay attention to the nutrition until around age 35 and then I just started "eating better". In May of 2014 I entered my first bodybuilding show, according to the score sheets I didn't come in dead last overall but there was only one person below. I learned a few things 1. Practice posing 2. Develop and practice your routine until it is perect. 3. sometimes you can lose too much weight resulting in loose skin. I am planning on entering another one next year and hope that my improvement in these three areas will result in a major improvement. I figured I would start a log on here and I am open to suggestions. Currently I am training with my wife and we are starting a 3 month phase of 4-5 sets 12-15 reps. Our schedule will be Chest/Legs/Back/Shoulders/Arms, I do arms on Wed/Thur/Fri and also legs on Friday. I am excited to get this log started and hopefully learn a few things along the way.

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    Will be following man. Good luck
    Training Log


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      welcome to the journals. any pics from the show?
      good luck moving forward.


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        The forum didn't allow me to do an attachment. I assume I don't have those privelages yet. This picture was taken one day before the contest and I knew I had the loose skin then but didn't know what I could do to fix it so I just stayed on track with what I had been doing. About two weeks a later a friend at the gym who had been at the contest told me I would have placed better if I showed up the way I looked then. Live and learn.


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          There ya go. Yeah, probably need more posts.
          So what weight did you start at and what did you get down to? I assume you were heavier due to the lose skin. Is removal an option?


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            I started at 232 at went down to 172 I weighed in at 176 the night before the show, I think those 4lbs came on because I had to drink ALOT of water to be able to give a urine sample for the drug test. Skin removal is not an option. I am at 226 right now and still have visible abs when relaxed and I have already started my plan to get to my goal weight by May for the same contest. I may also do one in March depending on where I am at. I feel I looked best between 200 and 210, I am also thinking of competing in physique.


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              Best of luck!


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                Awesome stuff. Welcome to the board.
                Not Everything. Not Yet.


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                  Good Luck man! Ill be following along!
                  Instagram: Deak007