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Dman's Pre-Contest to Off Season Bulk!! Growing with Z!!!

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  • Dman's Pre-Contest to Off Season Bulk!! Growing with Z!!!

    ABOUT ME: 27/M. Just completed in my first comp. Took 2nd in lightweight novice and first call outs in physique.

    GEAR: PSL Tren A, PSL Test C, PSL Halo, PSL Masteron Propionate.
    Touching on the quality of PSLs gear, I can definitely say without doubt its on point. Ill be posting blood work and contest photos tonight.
    Never any PIP what so ever from any of the gear. Pumps, hardness and vascularity from the Halo/Tren was more than expected. Im assuming I got down to 4% BF. Ill let you guys judge from the photos.
    Looking forward to running PSL GH, Test C, Deca, Adrol for my next bulk. Ive never done a legit bulk, never ran GH or Deca so im REALLY looking forward to the possibilities with this.
    NUTRITION: My diet was changing weekly based on how I looked to my coach. Currently going to reverse diet a bit out and enjoy myself until I start my bulk.
    I had my previous coach bail on me 2 weeks out from the competition and had a buddy come and save me. I lost a lot of size and strength with my first coach which was very frustrating due to over dieting and too much cardio. Again, it was my first competition and I learned a lot and cant wait to get back on stage next year.

    GOALS: Achieved my goals by stepping on stage for the first time and had a blast doing it. Got down on myself pretty hard towards the end losing so much size and strength. Lesson learned and will diet smarter next time.
    CURRENT GOALS: Maintain as low as BF as possible while getting as big and strong as possible. Really develop my upper chest and widen/thicken my back.
    The judges told me I was the leanest and most striated I just loss too much muscularity in my cut.
    My Stats: Post show stats are going to fluctuate due to sub q water retention.
    Weight: 175-180 LBS

    C/F/P I keep my fats as low as possible and the only fats Ill most likely get will come from egg yolks, walnuts, and almond butter.
    My current macros for the next 2 weeks will vary and I will be carb cycling until my body self regulates. Ill still maintain 6 meals throughout the week and most likely have 1 cheat meal on the weekends with my GF. She too dieted with me during this competition, so we both are going to enjoy ourselves until we tighten up for our bulk. She too will be competing in Figure next year.

    6 Meals a day, split fairly evenly. One cheat meal a week (trying to bulk fairly cleanly given the potential bloating from deca and dbol).

    Monday Chest/Triceps/Abs
    Tuesday Back/Biceps/Calves
    Wednesday Shoulders/Traps/Triceps/Abs
    Thursday Legs/Biceps/Calves
    Friday Chest/Triceps/Abs
    Saturday Back/Shoulders/Biceps
    Sunday Legs/Biceps/Calves
    This is not set in stone and will run everything over with my coach but post show I just want to hit frequency and get back into the motions of everything. I love to deadlift/squat/bench and I know bringing up these heavy compounds is a goal of mine.

    Pics will be posted tonight and looking for any advice and encouragement along the way brothers!

    Lets do this!!

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    Hit Chest/Tris and light shoulders tonight

    incline bb press 2 warm up sets
    225 x 5
    225 x 5
    225 x 5

    flat db press


    incline flys

    decline HS press
    2 plates x 10 x 2

    DB pull overs SS W/ Cable flys

    60x20 SS 20x15
    60x20 SS 20x15
    70x20 SS 20x15

    HS dip machine
    2plates x 15
    2.25p x 12 x 2

    Incline Skull crushers

    Rope Extensions
    Failure drop sets

    Workouts have been phenomenal the entire week post show. Zero complaints and loving lifting again honestly. The last 2 weeks of prep was physically and even more mentally tough on me. I know i over dieted and lost a lot of muscularity. Lesson learned. Thanks to Uncle Z and his potent ass products im going to be bigger and better than ever. I've hired a new coach and looking to add some lean quality mass over the next 10 months.

    Here are some photos from the show.
    Ab thigh.jpg4.jpgMM.jpgside tri.jpg
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      HS Lat pull Down warm up - 2x20

      CG pull up w/ assist - 1x20/2x15
      Wide as possible w/ assist - 3x12

      Seated Rows - 1x20/1x15/1x12/2x8
      CG T Bar Rows - 2x15/1x8
      Wide grip 2x15/1x8

      HS Iso High Lat Pull Down

      I grab these on top not the handle for optimal range of motion. I lean into the pad and dont plant my feet so its 100% lat activation. I love this machine

      1 arm cable row SS w/ Rope pull downs

      3x15 SS W/ 3x15

      Deadlift - 225x5/275x5/315x3/365x3

      Feels great to deadlift again after the comp.

      Workouts have been phenomenal since the competition. Im loving being in the gym again and enjoying the hell out of it.

      Diet has been pretty basic - staying lean for the summer and if i want to grab a "cheat" meal with my girl i do so. Heres a basic run down of what ive been eating daily

      meal 1 - 2 whole eggs 5 egg whites 1 cup spinach
      meal 2 - 7 oz talapia/6 oz chicken/ 1 cup green veggies w/ salad
      meal 3 - 7 oz talapia/6 oz chicken 1 to 1.5 cup brown rice
      meal 4 - 1 serving cream of rice w/ 1 scoop TN DC protein
      Meal 5 - immediately post workout 2 scoop TN protein 5-6 rice cakes
      Meal 6 - 4-5 oz grass fed beef with 2-3 oz chicken or talapia/ 6oz sweet potatoe/red potatoe/brown rice

      Once i start my cycle everything will obviously be going up and use the mirror and coach to gauge how my body is responding.


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        Cable fly warm up - 2 sets super light squeezing getting blood flowing.
        Chest - HS Incline 1px20/2px20/2p+75x15x2/ Drop set 2p+75/15-drop to 2P/failure/1p failure! Brutal pump. Love it!

        HS Flat Press - 1px20/2x15x2/final set as wide as possible with a 3 sec eccentric lowering 1 second pause at top and bottom. Failure drop to 1p and repeat. Unreal connection and pump.

        Incline DB Press - 50x15 was too light. 70x12x2. Amazed i was able to do this. Pre contest prep i was repping 120s and not the elbow bend bullshit. I love Incline DB and my upper chest is a MAJOR focus of mine this off season.

        Fly Machine Unilateral - 6 reps left arm 6 reps right arm 12 reps both warms x3. SS W/ failure pushups. Unreal!
        LOOOVE the connection with these. From now on im not going to knock an exercise w/o trying it. Normally id call someone a douche doing these but damn was i wrong. LOVE EM!

        HS Inner chest machine - 2Px15 = failure. Wasnt supposed to do these but i wanted to Chest was smashed.

        Few sets of triceps/calf raises to get a pump. Nothing crazy!

        Overall - 9.5/10. Honestly couldnt ask for me. My workouts have been UNREAL since the contest and i was really scared/hesitant coming back too it since i lost so much strength/size during the prep.


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          Im separating quads and hams now to have more individual focus on both and LOVING IT!

          Leg Extension/Hammy Curl SS - 3x20
          BB squats - 135x12/225x10/275x6x2/295x6x2/315x4
          Hack Squat SS W/ bulgarian Split Squats
          3x15 - 3x15 - Unreal pump. Literally fell over on my last set. Static 3 sec hold with 3 second eccentric on the last set.
          HS Power Squat Machine - Feet close together targeting the outter sweep on quads
          3x15-20 raising weight each set with the last set being a drop set. 8P-6P-4P-2P. Unreal.
          Sitting Hammy Curls SS w/ BB Lunges

          Great workout. Literally toasted after this. Loving being back in the gym. Everything is going great!!