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Limits' Training Journal

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  • Limits' Training Journal

    I really don't know if anyone will read this but I've decided to start a journal as hopefully a motivator to focus my training and hopefully return to a more hardcore appearance.
    A little background info on me: Currently 5'8, 193 lbs - BF probably in the neighborhood of 10% (I have light abs, and fairly decent muscular definition) I have trained on and off for 10 years, reaching my best at 22, where I had considered competition, having reached a max offseason weight of 230 with bodyfat probably about the same as its is now
    Education wise: Bachelor of Science, certifications in performance nutrition and personal training, and some good friends competitively in the game.
    Lately, I haven't been able to find the motivation to train, but I'm hoping to change that and figure maybe writing about the journey will help to perpetuate the process.
    My training and nutrition routine is pretty non-existent at the moment, and I guess I'll just kinda post as I go.
    I'd love to hear any comments or criticisms as the journey unfolds.
    At this time all I can say is thanks for stopping by and thank you so much to everyone who post motivational, and educational information.

    It's Go time!!


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    Gotta start somewhere....

    My goals right now:

    1. Establish and maintain a training schedule
    2. Bring up the Calories

    Possibly the easiest to say and the most difficult to do, I gotta start consistently going to the gym - While I usually don't stray for too long, this last little bit my training has been non-existent. I haven't been training for about 6 months right now and it's honestly been a couple of years since I took it real serious.

    Eating will always be the key factor with me. When I don't train I don't eat, when I don't eat.... well, let's just say I don't grow. On the bright side of things once I start training my appetite is quick to respond.


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      To The Gym!!

      I've allowed myself to procrastinate too long. Even though I haven't had a chance to consider any sort of nutritional program, I decided to just get into the gym and move some weight again.

      This is where the embarrassment begins, but I'm going to use it to fuel my program:


      Flat Bench Press

      135/15, 185/12, 225/8, 135/10

      Nothing too crazy, just nice even tempo presses with alittle pause at the bottom

      Incline Bench Press

      135/12, 155/10, 175/8, 135/10

      I usually use dumbbells for incline presses, so the movement felt kinda awkward, but since I wasn't trying to push big weight I figured might as well give it a go.

      Incline DB Flyes

      40/10, 45/8, 50/6

      These felt good, nice to get a good stretch once you have a little pump on.

      Hammer Strength Dip Machine

      90/15, 180/10, 270/7

      I had never used this machine before, and am not sure I'll ever again. I usually do one machine exercise at the end of a body part specific workout so I can push without worrying about stabilizer muscles, I dunno.

      Standing Triceps Cable Pushdowns (Camber Bar)

      100/12+140/10*, 160/8, 170/6,

      *After grossly underestimating myself, I thought a superset of the sort was kinda in order, hence the plus sign.

      For now, I'm just going to do my standard one body part per day workout. Having said that I always throw in one exercise of Triceps with my Chest workout, one of Biceps with Back, and Traps with Shoulders. Again, nothing fancy, I usually always do a cable or machine exercise where all that is required from me is to lock in and go.

      And that's it! I actually trained today! Now, to start getting the calories back up where they belong.
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        Day 2

        Today began at 6:00 AM and other than feelin a little tired, I'm good to go. Being back in the gym felt really good, and I'm pretty excited to train again tonight. I've decided on a basic one body part per day workout schedule that's going to look something like this:

        Back 4 exercises (3-4 sets)/Bi 1 exercise (3-4 sets)
        Chest 4 exercises (3-4 sets)/Tri 1 exercise (3-4 sets)
        Legs 6 exercises (3-6 sets)
        Shoulder/Traps 4 exercises (3-4 sets)
        Arms 6 exercise (3-4 sets)
        Cardio/Off Day
        Off Day/Cardio

        I may add some cardio throughout the week, and train abs and calves alternately every other day. Depending on how my week shapes up I may also substitute an off day using the scheduled off day as a catch up. Again, just trying to get back into the swing of things so we'll have to see how it goes and adjust accordingly.

        Once I have established a consistent training plan the next goal will be adjusting my workouts to start developing better muscular balance, I'll try to get some pics up so as, hopefully, I can receive some gentle guidance toward what body parts I should focus more attention to.

        That's all for now, time to go train some legs.




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          So far so good

          Got through legs last night, could barely push the clutch in to drive the truck home after!!

          Kinda had an oops, went to the gym and forgot my training log, but heres how the training kinda went:

          Leg Press 2/15, 4/12, 5/10, 6/10, 7/10, 8/10 (All of these numbers are 45 lb. plates/side)

          It was -16 last night so I was pretty cold coming into training so I decided to take the easy way out with some leg press first instead of squats. (Although I find I feel more prepared to squat when I have a little pump in the legs first.)

          Hack Squats 2/10, 3/10, 3.5/10, 3.5/8

          Used the Hammer Strength hack squat machine, this machine is sweet! Love the focus I can feel with this one.

          Smith Machine Squats 1/15, 2/10, 2/10, 2/8

          Both squat racks were being used and that was a good enough excuse for me to hop into the Smith Rack, I never use the Smith for Squats but honestly, just standing was starting to become a challenge at this point. (Remember this is my second training day in 6 months!!) Whatever, that's my excuse this week anyway, next week I'll have to crack the whip on that.

          Lying Leg Curls 4 Sets

          Can't remember the weights I used things were starting to get pretty fuzzy by this time, and like I said I forgot my log. Reps were as high as 15 and no less than 8.

          Seated Leg Curls 4 Sets

          Same as above.

          Workout went really good, I had good focus throughout, I tried to keep break time to a min. On legs day I'll allow a little more recovery time between sets as compared to other days, but for the most part it was all business. Appetite is definitely up and although I haven't started a structured diet at this point I'm working on just eating more and upping the protein, hopefully by next week I'll have a more regimented diet in order.

          Legs were hella sore this morning, and the chest is still feelin pretty stiff from Tuesday as well, so needless to say my gait has been transformed to somewhat of a shuffle at the moment. It's feelin' good to be back training!!

          Shoulders is on the bill for tonight, time to have a quick nap and get ready for day 3.


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            DB Military Press - 20/20, 50/12, 80/10, 90/8, 100/6
            DB Side Laterals - 20/10, 25/10, 27.5/8 30/6
            Rev. Laterals - 165/10, 175/10, 185/10, 195/8
            Hammer Strength Shoulder Press - 80/10, 90/10, 100/10
            DB Shrugs - 80 /10, 90/10, 100/10

            Workout went pretty good started to get tired when I was midway through my rev laterals but I know that my diet is no where near where it should be and I'm sure once that is in order my energy levels should improve dramatically.

            As a side note, all my weights are recorded per side except for the Rev Laterals which is done on the Seated Flye machine.


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              Legs are kinda beat up today. My whole upper body is feeling like there's been some serious stimuli applied. I'm really enjoying being back in the gym, Arms training tonight - always a tough one for me, although I don't think my arms are that bad (my biceps need work) I've never enjoyed arm training. I need some food.




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                Haven't posted in a couple of days, but training has been going well, trained arms Friday, took Sat off (grow day ), and did cardio, calves, and abs today:

                Friday - Arms

                Single Arm French Press 40/12, 50/10, 60/8
                Altern. DB Curls 40/10, 45/8, 50/8
                Skull Crushers 110/10, 130/10, 160/8
                Standing Bar Curls 80/10, 90/8, 100/6
                Cable Push Downs 120/12, 140/10, 160/10, 180/8
                Standing CG Cable Curls 100/12, 110/10, 120/8

                Saturday - Off Day

                Sunday - Cardio/Calves/Abs

                Recumbent Bike - 30 minutes @ 85+ RPM w/ 3 1 minute bursts
                5 minute cool down
                Standing Calve Extension 90/20, 180/20, 270/12, 320/8, 180/20
                Seated Calve Raise 90/10, 90/10, 90/10
                Superset Abs
                Decline Sit-ups 25, 25, 25
                Hanging Leg Raises - 10, 10, 10

                This weeks goal is to continue with consistent training and begin introducing a more scheduled diet. I'm gonna try to increase my protein to around 250 grams per day and have my carbs to be around 600 grams. This brings my calories around 3400 not including fats. Protein sources will be from chicken, fish, lean ground beef, eggs and whey. Carb sources will be oatmeal, potatoes, rice, and whole wheat pasta, mixed vegetables and fruits will also be included. Fat sources will be from the lean ground beef, supplemental fish oils, omega blends, and natural peanut butter.
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