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  • Sunday
    2" V-bar
    B/H: Used short loading pin to warm up on so a very full range lift; 30-kilos x 2 rep@, 60-kilos x 1 rep@ then 90-kilos (big ass disc) x 1 rep @
    L/H: 120-kilos x 0 reps (too much - but pls note weight does not inc 10.8-kilo v-bar), dropped to 110-kilos (or 120.8-kilos / 266.31lbs) 3 x 1 reps
    R/H: 125-kilos x 1 rep (just) dropped back to 122.5-kilos (133.3-kilos / 293.87lbs) x 3 x 1 reps. All hard and all giving very slight twinge to outside of right wrist.

    RT (OH)
    I started at 90-kilos cos they hands were warm from V-Bar.
    B/H: 90-kilos x 1 rep, 105-kilos x 1 rep,
    L/H: 121.25-kilos x 1, 0, 1, 0, 1 reps (tgt for both was 3 singles)
    R/H: 121.25-kilos x 1, 0, 1, 1 reps (less than usual cos of V-Bar and decided not to go heavy today)
    Reps were hit and miss with some being 'locked in' and others hard work.

    Thick Handled Dumbbells
    Being well warmed up etc I just did two 'up and rack' runs.
    1st run: R/H: Baby Inch, Inch and Millennium Dumbbell, L/H: Baby Inch, Inch
    2nd run R/H: Millennium only (cos the other two were too damned easy), L/H: Baby Inch and Inch.

    No more training today (cos it's chest and back and the other gyms shut ).
    2-time 500 word MD essay winner. 4 x British Grip Champ (06,08,09 and '10)


    • Monday am

      Pec dec
      16 x 8 reps, 35 x 8 reps, stack plus 5-kilos x 2 x 6 reps

      12p x 8 reps, 18p x 8 reps, stack plus 25-kilos x 8 reps

      couldn't be arsed with the assisted machine so:
      bwt x 8 reps, plus 10-kilos x 8 reps (will add another set next time then weight)

      Low row (at my gym)
      70-kilos x 8 reps, 90-kilos x 8 reps, 112.5-kilos x 2 x 8 reps (up next time)

      Bwt: 283lbs

      Small twinge in neck and lower (right side) of back a little off putting and the workout was a tad harder than I expected it to be.
      2-time 500 word MD essay winner. 4 x British Grip Champ (06,08,09 and '10)


      • Monday pm
        Plate wrist curl
        B/H: 5-kilos x 6 reps@, 7.5-kilos x 6 reps@, 10-kilos x 3 reps@
        L/H: pin+10+5-kilos x 3 reps, pin+10+6.25-kilos x 3 reps, 15-kilo plate x 1 rep, pin+10+7.5-kilos x 0 reps, pin+10+6.25-kilos x 2 x 1 reps
        R/H: pin+10+5-kilos x 3 reps, 15-kilo plate x 3 reps, pin+15-kilo plate x 2 x 1 reps, pin+10+7.5-kilos x 2 x 2 reps

        IM 'Horn'
        Never really tested myself on this before. It'll be part of the June Medley. Obviously held in the hard position (point upwards). I've no idea what the set up weighs so it's plates only:
        B/H: +30-kilos x 4 reps@, +60-kilos x 2 reps@
        L/H: +70-kilos x 1 rep, +72.5-kilos x 3 x 1 reps
        R/H: +75-kilos x 1 rep, +80-kilos x 1 rep, +82.5-kilos x 3 x 1 reps
        Pic of 'Horn' (or anvil horn simulator)

        B/H: 2.75-kilos x 10 reps, 5.5-kilos x 8 reps, 8.25-kilos x 6 reps, 9.25-kilos x 6, 4, 3 reps
        2-time 500 word MD essay winner. 4 x British Grip Champ (06,08,09 and '10)


        • Nice training! The IM 'Horn' looks like it'd be pretty tricky.
          SnakeBite Racing


          • Mines been sitting in my gripper box getting dirty, rusty and chalky. The shape still makes it hard but it had a little 'grip' because of the above seasoning. New it would be a bitch.

            I'm a jammy pudding. A pudding, but a jammy one. Read on as to why.

            Torsion Grippers
            B/H: usual stuff
            L/H: CoC 3 x 3 x 1 reps, BBE x 1 rep, HG350 x TnG, 1, TnG, BBE x N, VVN (best set) VVN
            R/H: BBE x 1 rep, HG350 x 1 rep, BBSE x 1 rep, CoC 3.5 x 1 rep, MM7 (dud) x TnG, TnG, TnG, 1, 1, VVN

            One hand deadlift with hook grip
            B/H: 60-kilos bar in front thumbless grip. I did 2 attempts per hand in between some the harder work on grippers, 100-kilos x 3 reps@ straddle thumbless grip,
            L/H: 140-kilos thumb over x 1/2 rep then a solid single with hook grip, 160-kilos x 1 rep, 180-kilos x 1 rep
            R/H: 140-kilos thumb over x 1 rep, 160-kilos x 1 rep, 180-kilos x 1 rep. All 180 and more reps done with small square of tissue at the spot on the thumb which tears. Hands very sore but intact.

            Now here's where I am daft. I had put 3 20's each side of an olympic bar for 140-kilos. For the 160-kilos I added a 10-kilo plate to each side. So that's still 160-kilos. Adding another 10-kilo plate equals 180? Yes. So onwards. I had it in mind to do 1-2 singles per hand with the 187.5-kilos I did right handed last time. So I added a 5-kilo plate and a 2.5-kilo plate. I do a single right and a single left. I'm thinking 'my god that was hard work but you wanna win, you wanna be British Champ so do another'. I'm staggering around a little, a bit dizzy but pull myself together and do another right handed single. Then, with no idea as to why, I was looking at the end of the bar again and had a moment of clarity... hang on if 3 x 20 and 2 x 10 equals 160..180... then surely I should have added a 2.5 and a 1.25-kilo plate and NOT A 2.5 AND A 5!! Good lord I'd pulled 195-kilos by accident - with either hand!. Sheeettt boooyyyy.

            Hence jammy pudding ha ha
            2-time 500 word MD essay winner. 4 x British Grip Champ (06,08,09 and '10)


            • That's a hell of an accident! But now you know that you can do it!
              SnakeBite Racing


              • As can be seen it might have worn me out more than I expected it to but yeah... a happy accident

                Seriously distracted today (work and visitors) so the session to took 2x as long as it should have and I started later than I wanted to etc etc. The numbers were all over the place. Yesterdays monster one hand might also have had an effect. I've a rest day tomorrow scheduled so bugger it
                2-time 500 word MD essay winner. 4 x British Grip Champ (06,08,09 and '10)


                • Friday am
                  Seated Machine Press
                  1/2 stack x 8 reps, stack x 8 reps (felt heavy for some reason??), plus 40-kilos x 7 reps

                  EZ Curls
                  bar x 8 reps, plus 20-kilos x 8 reps, plus 40-kilos x 8 reps, plus 47.5-kilos x 7 reps

                  Stack (100lbs - should be 105 but as per machine is knackered) x 8 reps, plus 20-kilos x 8 reps, plus 40-kilos x 8 reps, plus 55-kilos x 5 reps, dropped back to stack (as above) x 7 reps pumped!
                  2-time 500 word MD essay winner. 4 x British Grip Champ (06,08,09 and '10)


                  • Friday pm
                    The MM4 gripper arrived in the post yesterday (see for what MM means etc etc) and I said 'if I am feeling it tomorrow I'll do it then'. It's done. I'm that confident my first attempt looks good enough (you're allowed 3) that I am only sending the first one. It's shown to three Gripboard members and they need to give it a 'white light' (from Powerlifting - a white is a yes and a red is no pass).

                    Torsion Grippers (not scheduled but what the hell)
                    B/H: Usual warm ups
                    L/H: Worked to the BBE. Usual 7 attempts, I think I managed 3 TnG reps
                    R/H: Worked to the MM4 and did 3 solid attempts. Had a go at Paul's hard BBSE and of 3 attempts I think I got one. The MM7 (dud) to VVN 2x and dropped back to the MM4 and did my best solid rep of the day. I then packed it away.
                    2-time 500 word MD essay winner. 4 x British Grip Champ (06,08,09 and '10)


                    • Saturday am
                      The guys from came to the Whey Gym today and I won one challenge and set another. Rich 'Gorilla' Gorvin had previously set a TB 'challenge' by pulling 8 reps on the Rolling Thunder with 75-kilos (about 165lbs). So I 'challenged' him and pulled 37 reps to his 8. I win by 29 and so now have the 'title' (win free t-shirt).

                      I then set another using 90-kilos or 198lbs by doing 21 reps beating my old PB of 20 reps.

                      Following that I did some blob work I ought to have done last night and the two exercises completely fried my hands for the 2 Hand Pinch work I was actually scheduled to do. Man oh man. Hours later my forearms were cramping up and the skin on both thumbs is mad sore.
                      2-time 500 word MD essay winner. 4 x British Grip Champ (06,08,09 and '10)


                      • Solid as usual! I love the challenge! How are you liking the new toy?
                        SnakeBite Racing


                        • The Horn? I'm due to play with it again on by the end of the week I think.

                          Going off program, as it were, really put a knock on the later part of Saturday's workout (the plan had been 2HP* only) even though I set some records. It also screwed Sunday's and to a lesser degree Mondays as well. Both left and right forearm have bone deep soreness. It wasn't helped by my missing a couple of movements from the Friday PM workout (pay attention!!).

                          The guys from came down and I'd had my eye on the 75-kilos for reps on the Rolling Thunder challenge set by Rich Gorvin. I warmed up then loaded it up (was a little over) and in the 60-second time limit did 37 reps. Beating Rich by 29 reps (he managed 8). It was not so hard, or so I though baring in mind how sore they are now, on my forearms as my condition. I was proper huffing and puffing. When I got my breath back I then set one of my own and got a PB in the process: 21 reps with 90-kilos+ on the set up (old PB 20) and again in 60-seconds.

                          I then did some blob work and, as seems to be usual for me, because the camera came out got PB's right and left. The left I added weigh to and the right I worked to the 25-kilo (22.8) blob with 2.5-kilos added. I then showed off by blob lifting with my right hand the 20, 25 and then running over and pulling the baby Inch and Inch but failing the Millennium.

                          Later work two hand went to pot.

                          Sunday @ GN
                          Still sore from Saturday's session I tried some thick pinch but could only work to a single at 70mm with 98.6-kilos.

                          I used the GN set up for 2" V-bar and wasn't much better on that either (to about 260 or so).

                          Double over hand sumo-style deadlift
                          My lack of flexibility in the hip area combined with some disc issues in my back meant it was all about 'ass down' today. The aim is over the next 6-8 weeks or so get my thick bar d/o deadlift to 200-220-kilos. My best guess is that a winning amount in June will be around 500lbs. Grip strength is, as might be guessed, not really the issue. With that in mind:

                          bar x 8 reps, plus 40-kilos x 6 reps, plus 70-kilos x 4 reps, plus 80-kilos x 4 reps, plus 100-kilos x 4 reps, plus 120-kilos (140) x 3 x 1 reps (1st one I did not properly lock out), plus 140-kilos (160) x 1 rep, plus 160-kilos (180) x 2 missed reps (not quite ready just yet. I got them off the floor but then got real sloppy so stopped). Back to plus 140-kilos x 5 x 1 rep - form!!!!

                          Hip stretches x various.
                          2-time 500 word MD essay winner. 4 x British Grip Champ (06,08,09 and '10)


                          • Monday pm
                            Trained at my gym
                            Leg press
                            0-kilos x 10 reps@, 120-kilos x 8 reps, 240-kilos x 8 reps, 400-kilos x 8 reps, 690-kilos x 8 reps

                            Leg Extension
                            80-kilos x 8 reps, stack (140) x 8 reps, plus 25-kilos x 8 reps, plus 50-kilos (190kg/418lbs) x 6 reps

                            Leg Curl
                            25-kilos x 8 reps, 35-kilos x 8 reps, 45-kilos x 8 reps, 55-kilos x 5 reps (harder than other machine)
                            2-time 500 word MD essay winner. 4 x British Grip Champ (06,08,09 and '10)


                            • Tuesday
                              As I trained legs yesterday ahead of schedule I did Vulcan (due tomorrow) and 2HP (today).
                              Vulcan Gripper
                              B/H: L1 x 6 reps, L7 x 3 reps,
                              L/H: L10 x 1 rep, L12 x VVN, 1 reps, L13 x 0, 0 (piss poor sets), VVN, VN, N, miss
                              R/H: L12 x 1 rep, L14 x 1 rep, L15 x VN, 1 rep, L16 x VVN, VVN, VVN, VVN, VN, TnG, VN

                              having been so off Saturday and Sunday and STILL being a little sore I was pleasantly surprised to get some decent numbers today.
                              equ x 6 reps, plus 30-kilos x 3 reps, plus 50-kilos x 1 rep, plus 60-kilos x 1 rep, plus 70-kilos x 1 rep, plus 80-kilos x 1 rep, plus 82-kilos x 1 rep, plus 84-kilos, plus 85-kilos x 1 rep, plus 86-kilos (107.7) x 1 rep, plus 87-kilos (108.7) x 1 rep.
                              2-time 500 word MD essay winner. 4 x British Grip Champ (06,08,09 and '10)


                              • Video of the 90 kilo Rolling Thunder record up on titlebash:

                                Video of the 75-kilo Rolling Thunder record up on titlebash:
                                2-time 500 word MD essay winner. 4 x British Grip Champ (06,08,09 and '10)