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  • From memory on Saturday the 13th:
    85%, so 315

    Did ladders in the following order:
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    1, 2, 3, 4, 4

    Dropped to 205 (55% of 370)
    Close grip 20
    Wide grip 20


    • I haven't trained anything since that bench session.
      I should be doing 90% or working to a max tomorrow so I will see how I feel.
      The thought process was that the 315 sets last week actually felt pretty good. Perhaps by taking a full week I can maybe put up a good number tomorrow...


      • ugh, been bad about keeping up here again...
        Feb 20th I hit 375 for a single and missed 380 weighing in at 211.2
        Feb 27th at JPos house a TON of work but the best set was 325 x 4 weighing in at 212.0 that day. 4 sets of 225 close x 15 at the end
        Mar 6th at the gym: doubles at 320, 325, 330, 335, 340 and then a single at 345, bodyweight was 212.8 3 sets of 8 at 260 or 265 after the heavy sets
        Mar 13th at the gym: singles of 315, 335, 355, 380, 385 and 390! Weighed in at 213.2 finished with 3 sets of 8 at 275

        So, prior to training yesterday the plan was to lay out Smolov Jr, find a new max then go right into the Shieko taper for 8 weeks of high volume benching... Now that yesterdays session went so well, I hesitate to change up what I'm doing...
        Not gaining "crazy weight"
        Solid jump in 1rm this week
        Shoulders, elbows etc, feel good
        Perhaps I am answering my own question. LOL


        • So last Monday at work I did super sets of alt db curls with 40s or 45s and straight bar pressdowns with 130 or 135... 10 sets of 10 doing a set every time a new song came on.
          This week I did the same but with ez bar curls and lying extensions (to behind my head) with 80lbs. felt good.


          • Saturday the 20th at the gym:

            280 x 6 sets of 10 then one set of 9
            225 x 4 sets of 10 reps to finish out the volume as if I finished the 280 10 x 10.
            Rough. Every 10th rep of every single set was brutal, even the 225 sets.
            Thought maybe I'd get through them but apparently not.
            Weighed about 213.6


            • Well, I know there is zero traffic in this section anymore but I still love looking back at where I was, what I did etc. I can't believe it's been over a year since I put anything in here myself. So heres where I'm at.
              About 217 or so.
              Always on my eternal quest for bench pressing.
              Been hitting it pretty good and worked up to 385 a few weeks ago.
              Been dealing with 6 weeks worth of allergies (probably had a sinus infection I ignored) but seem to be on the better end now.
              There is a meet in CT on May 28th that I am considering.
              Currently doing my old stand by Russian Taper program. (today was day 1)
              I set my max at 400 (perhaps ambitious) as the last couple time I did it set at 385 and I always hit 405 afterwards.
              Lets see what happens. I am 50/50 on the meet, but 100% going to follow this routine for the month and see where I end up either at the meet or just in the gym on Saturday.


              • So, I am OUT for that meet. I really just don't care to go through the expense/hassle for 3 lifts (all of about 12 seconds) which I can do in the gym right here at home.
                I know when my lifts are good. I don't need a judge to "OK" it.
                Yes, I am still following the program to see what I can do.

                on may 2nd I did the following:
                200 x 3
                240 x 3
                280 x 3, 3
                300 x 2, 2, 2
                None of them felt good. Everything was achy.

                on May 4th I did the following:
                200 x 3
                240 x 3
                280 x 2, 2
                320 x 2
                360 x 1 SLOW
                365 x 1 Better than 360
                370 x 1 SLOWER than 360, lol
                Reps were crazy slow and everything was still achy, wrists/forearms

                on may 7th I did the following:
                220 x 3
                260 x 3, 3
                300 x 6 sets of triples
                Everything today actually felt very good. No aches at all. Reps moved well.

                on may 10th I did the following:
                200 x 3
                240 x 3
                280 x 3, 3
                320 x 5 sets of triples
                ACHY again especially wrists, reps felt slow and like I was close to not getting the 3rd rep on a few sets.

                Thursday gets heavier and at the moment I am not looking forward to it. LOL
                Saturday is brutal...
                We'll see.