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  • Thx bro! I FEEL AWESOME!


    • V-E-R-Y nice leg day!!! Smash those goals!!!
      SnakeBite Racing


      • Congrats on all the PR!


        • Originally posted by connstellation View Post
          V-E-R-Y nice leg day!!! Smash those goals!!!
          Thx I feel like I'm getting back in the groove...

          Originally posted by KhmerMuscle View Post
          Congrats on all the PR!
          More PRS to come 2morrow


          • 10/13/2009


            Bench Press: 15,10(105,115), 1x4(125), 5x5(45)(DBs), 1x15(30)(DB)

            Superset #1
            Pec Deck Flys: 1x10(80), Hammer Bench: 1x10(35)
            Pec Deck Flys: 1x7(80), Hammer Bench: 1x6(35)
            Pec Deck Flys: 1x6(80), Hammer Bench: 1x5(35)
            Pec Deck Flys: 1x5(80), Hammer Bench: 1x5(35)

            Flys: 10,7,6(30)

            Supersets #1
            Side Laterals: 1x10(20) | Front Raise: 1x10
            Side Laterals: 1x9(20) | Front Raise: 1x8
            Side Laterals: 1x7(20) | Front Raise: 1x6

            Standing BB Press: 8,6,5(50)

            Seated DB Press: 11,10,8(20)

            Kinda of an interesting workout today. Thought I could up the weight on the bench by 10lbs...not a good idea at all. So after my freaking left wrist popped on my 3rd set, I switched over to dbs. I'm going to take it very slow now on the bench and only increase weight once or maybe twice a month.

            Aside from that, I made slow rep gains on my chest supersets & flys.

            The delt routine has been modified to include side lats & front raises in superset form. Got a great burn outta those and then finished off the workout with seated db press.

            I just have to accept the fact that my gains in chest exercises are going to be slower. Annoying b/c with everything else I can up the weight 10-20lbs a week.

            Cardio due for this evening after work.

            I'm hoping some wrist straps will help, need to be buy some this week.


            • For some reason I recall someone saying that in order to build bulk in the quads in terms of width, it's best to place the feet low and close on the leg press plate.

              After 1.5 months of doing leg press, I don't see much increase in quad bulk, I've been placing my feet in about middle of the plate and about shoulder width apart.

              I think someone say something about leg press placement being related to building the outer "sweep" in the quads.


              • Good looking workout there man. As for increasing the weight I personally go by how I'm feeling that day. Some days will be stronger.

                Don't got by a week to week basis when judging the progression of strength but rather month to month. If after a few months you're not progressing then you need to take a look at what you have been doing.

                I will usually work around the same weight range but increase/decrease reps and also change around the lifting tempo. Trying to move up in weight too fast can result in injuries. Sorry for the rant :P


                • You make a good point about weight increases. I don't want any injuries for sure

                  Better to take it slow and patient than get knocked out for a month b/c you got injured.


                  • Killing in the name of.......loved this shit today doing my delts

                    [ame=""]YouTube - Rage Against the Machine- Killing in the Name[/ame]


                    • I've got quite a few rage songs on my iPod. Great energy for lifting.


                      • Yeah man, mix that up with some In Flames, Pantera and others and you got a riot!


                        • Originally posted by AKSChopper View Post
                          You make a good point about weight increases. I don't want any injuries for sure

                          Better to take it slow and patient than get knocked out for a month b/c you got injured.
                          Yeah, just becareful with increasing that weights. I almost got hurt trying too hard adding the weights too rapid. I jump from 425lbs to 465lbs squat in a week almost a disaster.


                          • I agree, with the bench for some reason my wrists have always given me a problem.

                            That being said I'm not going to increase any weight until I'm comfortable and I fully max out all my reps.

                            Don't want any disasters


                            • I have a bad wrist too. I used to grip with half holding the bar and always give me the pain. Now I learn to grip fully and push with my rear palm, the pain is barely noticable. Oh, get that wrist strap it helps a little. I have to get a new one. My old one is a pieace of shit!


                              • ah very interesting, pushing w/ the rear palm

                                I'll keep that in mind for next Tuesday