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    Looks solid. Might even want to switch the first two exercises. Progress as far as you can on the smith 5x5, then switch to DBs first with a different rep scheme.

    I do agree that DBs dont really ddo well with 5 reps, at least for me. It seems like that kind of weight is really hard to get into position. And idk about you, but if its hard to get into position, it fucks with my head.
    Turn the other cheek and I'll break your fucking chin.


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      Yeah it sucks to try to get heavy ass dbs in place as your trying to position yourself properly on the bench...

      One time I freaking fell off the bench trying to get two 45s in place....LOL

      I like your idea about starting w/the 5x5...


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        Makes more sense to me.
        Start low at a weight you can handle pretty easily, add ten lbs the next week. Keep going until you cant finish the 5x5, then stick there until you can finish it. Add 5 lbs the nxt week etc.
        Turn the other cheek and I'll break your fucking chin.


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          That's how I've been doing it....add weight until I max out and then add more.


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            Originally posted by AKSChopper View Post
            That's how I've been doing it....add weight until I max out and then add more.
            progression is the key my freind, nice stuff here keep it up
            “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”- Winston Churchill


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              Thx, that's how I'm taking it. Slow and steady with a big dose of patience


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                Workout With Vids



                Deadlifts: 2x15(75,85), 1x10(95), 5,4,4,3,3(135), 1x9(95)
                Close Grip Pull Down 1x10(77) - Cable Rows V-Handle 1x10(80)
                Close Grip Pull Down 1x9(77) - Cable Rows V-Handle 1x7(80)
                Close Grip Pull Down 1x8(77) - Cable Rows V-Handle 1x6(80)
                Close Grip Pull Down 1x7(77) - Cable Rows V-Handle 1x6(80)
                Bent rows(Wide): 1x12(85), 5,5,5,4,4(95)
                Barbell shrugs: 10,8,7,6(100)

                Flutter Kicks: 3xMax (45 sec each)
                Side Twists: 3x10 each side (10lb plate)

                20 min treadmill - interval training

                Got a PR on the deadlifts. Finally two 45s!

                Anyways, back day for me is a nightmare workout but in a good way.

                Once again thx to He-man for the supersets setup

                Overall time for workout was 1.20 hrs.

                Check out the videos I took to look at my form. Criticism is appreciated





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                  nice work bro!!

                  how you doing today


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                    what up bro, I'm doing great, I work from home 1 day a week and today's my day...I bust my ass in the gym and then kick back in the lazy boy for the rest of the day

                    How are you doing?


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                      thats cool wish i could do that.

                      I am alright.


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                        Nice work today...great videos! Thanks for posting those.

                        Side note: I'm not one to critique peoples' technique but I was wondering how your traps feel after those BB Shrugs. To me it looks like you keep your shoudlers rolled forward instead of back a little bit to be able to squeeze the traps more.


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                          Thx...about the shrugs. You make a good point, I've haven't been feeling like I can squeeze the traps and you pointed out why.

                          Next time around I'll roll the shoulders back. Thx for the input, that's why I posted the vids.


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                            Lol..actually you don't want to roll the shoulders, you want to go straight up and towards the back. Just try it right now without any weight and you'll be able to see the difference in being able to squeeze the traps. You may have to try DBs or a hammer strength shrug machine.


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                              Ok I see what you instead of "hunching" forward, make sure I'm standing up straight with chest out and then pull straight up.

                              I was using DB's in the past but couldn't move past 50lbs since my grip ain't too great.


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                                Oh yeah, sounds like you got it now! I personally use straps and can get decent weight but I think if you are used to not using straps...see how far you can go without them. It will only benefit your grip strength and forearm development in the future and you won't build a reliance on them. I've been trying to use them less for some pulldowns and rows.