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  • I went back later tonight and trained arms.

    Very nice.. My chest is already sore, and my arms are cramping! ha ha
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    • 217.5 this morning

      30 min of cardio to The Shield! Love that show! Sore as hell. Didnt get a whole lot of sleep. Maybe catch some sleep later today.

      Man I really hope that Jason Genova doesnt target me! He might drop some science on me!
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      • Nice definition in the arm! Looking good bro


        • Thank you. 217.5 today.

          In the blue shirt I was 230
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          • Big difference - leannned out!


            • Todays shoulder workout was unworthly!
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              • Sounds like my last two sessions after being off for a week....NOT WORTHY!


                • Leg day was WORTHLY!
                  Cardio this morning 30 mins to the Shield at 8 am
                  Work out at 1:30 pm
                  Leg Press 30x1p 20x2p 20x3p 15x4p 15x5p 12x6p 10x5p p=Plates PER side!!
                  Leg Extension 15x60x3 sets
                  Walking Lunges 3x30 steps - Slow and steady.
                  Got 2 more reps with 12 total plates this week. Very nice!

                  Originally posted by AegisFang View Post
                  Legs today.

                  Leg Press 30x1plate 30x2p 20x3p 20x4p 15x5p 10x6 (p=Plates on each side) I got ten reps with 6 plates on each side this week. Thats 4 more reps than last week!!! Pretty excited about that.

                  Extensions 3 sets of 30 paused reps @ a weight I cant remember.
                  Lying Leg curls 3x85x 3 sets. 85 is heavy. it is half the freaking stack!
                  Walking lunges 2 sets of 30 reps @ Body Weight.

                  Man My freaking legs were pumped.
                  I am so happy that I have FINALLY found a solid way to train legs again after 2 years of not being able too.

                  Off tomorrow. but I am going to be doing cardio.
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                  • Damn good work, congrats on the leg press PR, nice comparison to previous leg day.

                    How do you like the lunges? Do you use dumbells I assume? Good leg burn?

                    GREAT SUCCESS!


                    • Love lunges! wasnt able to do them for a while but now I am. I use(d) both bars and dumbbells. yesterday I didnt though. Just BW. I once did them with a pair of 70's!

                      Great exercise.

                      Nice avi!
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                      • 215 today


                        Dumb Incline 12x60 10x70 8x80 10x70 Felt weak today
                        Incline Dumb Flye 12x40 10x45 9x50
                        Dips 10, 10x20, 10x30, 10
                        Machine Press 12x105 slow paused
                        Calves 20x105 15x125 20x105
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                        • Back today

                          Close Grip Neutral Chins 10 10 10 9
                          Seated Cable bar rows 10x110 10x120 10x130
                          Dumb Rows 100x8 80x10 80x12
                          Pulldowns 12x170 10x180 9x190

                          Pretty good back day. I was tired as hell today. maybe I can sneak a power nap in later today!
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                          • 217 today

                            Dips 10,10,10x30 10x40 10x45
                            Pushdowns on Pull downs 10x70 10x80 10x90-4x70
                            Wide Grip Pushdowns on push down rack 10x120 10x130
                            1 Arm overhead Dumb Extension 15x15x2 sets
                            Bar Cable Curls 12x110 10x120 10x130 10x120
                            V grip Cable Preacher curls 12x80 10x90 10x100
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                            • My dad at 215 I think. And today

                              I need to start taking pictures with my real camera and not my phone camera. The detail is not picked up.
                              Attached Files
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                              • Just did 30 on the tread.
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