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  • Originally posted by AegisFang View Post

    Dude, Seth, Training these last few weeks has really been great. Every since Dorian did those vids in Bev Francis I have had a great workout everytime I got into the gym. I learned alot from the vids. Since then, great workouts daily. I really didnt know alot about Dorian Yates before he sign up with MD, but I have been learning as much as possible about the way he trained and trains others. Check out the last page of my journal with Him and Mark Dugdale.

    Good to hear man!!! Its great when you start getting in a groove and get a sick workout in every time you go to the gym. That makes you look forward to pumping iron even more, gotta love being in love with the gym.
    Don't give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about


    • dorian rules all!cool workouts got soreness going you must be bringin it.....


      • I hadn't heard about Dorian was until I joined MD. I love his training style and intensity. Picked up alot from him, including underhand bb rows which hit my back great.

        Of any bbers out there, I'd like to meet him


        • Leg press 20x3p 15x4p 13x5p
          Supersetted with
          smith front squats 12x135 all 3 sets
          extensions 12x135 12x100(F) 12x75(F) 5 breath count between sets
          hack 12x1p each side atg
          rom dead lifts 3sets 8 reps x 135
          leg curls 20x60 12x80

          good workout overall. 65 mins. I took it easy on my hams cuz the RDL's are just being put back in rotations and with my crappy lower back I don't want to push it or rush it.
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          • Went home and had 2 orange ruffy filets and 1 1/2 cups brown rice and reported back to work. They is where I am at now. Waiting for my offices to be built and waiting for UPS and Fedex to show up. Sitting in my truck all day listening to music, eating food, and checking out the forums.!!
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            • Train harder

              the other day I watched jay cutlers "a step closer" or something and even though I thought it was kinda boring, what took from it was that I need to train harder. I wasn't training hard enough a month ago.

              That and learning more about Dorian.

              Train harder people.
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              • Nice leg work!

                I agree about training's 80% mental for me and 20% keeping consistent logs and modifying my lifting.

                IMO, everytime I'm in the gym, I try to hit failure everytime on every set with the exception of some stuff.

                But for rep ranges like I do, either 3x6-8 or full pyramids, I have to mentally remind my self to go balls out every set, you can always get a couple extra reps sometimes with bad form or cheating but it keeps the intensity level high and your muscle destroyed.

                Is that Jay video on youtube?


                • im sure you could find it on there in segments. I got it off of netflix
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                  • I had about 25 mins today to train

                    dumb curl 12x30 12x35 10x40 9x45 5x50
                    pushdowns I didnt count reps cause the stack is too light. I had my dad holding the cable to make it heavier. 5 sets

                    skull crushers- straight bar 10x90 (F)

                    burned out on dumb curls with the 40s.

                    Good pump tho. Ill make sure to hit my tris on chest
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                    • No training today. and I can't do any cardio. I fucked up my toe. Funny how the night before I was going to start doing cardio again, because I am getting used to my new work schedule, I break my toe. Gay.
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                      • I need to do cardio soon. Man I feel like Im getting fat over here. ha
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                        • Quite gay, but don't feel too bad, I'm having cardio issues as well.

                          Freaking broke right now, but need new shoes cause shin splints are fucking killing shoes are about $120

                          Anyways, all running is on hold, replaced cardio with bike.


                          • There you go.

                            Chest today

                            230 today

                            Hammer Strength incline 10x225 9x245 8x255-1 forced rep= 9 reps ---I just count the weight amount as if it was on a bar. I know that I wasnt really pressing 255. But if the handles weighed 45 pounds together I would.
                            Flat Dumb 10x70 8x80
                            That was it. SImple. I had a killer pump and felt like I didnt need anymore sets or exercises.

                            Check out my busted ass toe.
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                            • Love those kind of training days! Nice and simple... and everything just works.
                              Good job bro!
                              Hope that toe gets better soon!


                              • Nice, sounds like you had a good smooth session.

                                That toe looks purty nasty, what the hell happened, I musta missed something.