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Fulfillment of a ten-year dream

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  • Fulfillment of a ten-year dream

    Hi everybody. Let me introduce myself. My name is Antonio, and Im from Mexico city. The most polluted city in the world.

    Im 26 years old and lift weights since age 16. When I first started, I got one simple goal. To become the best of my country. I made that commitment after I saw the 1997 Mr. Mxico Overall's posedown. You may think its an easy task since I live in a developing country, and most of the mass monsters live in the U.S. But no. Not easy at all.

    When I was 18 I competed in the Mr. Mexico juniors, and I won my class. Next year, I got the Mr. Mexico juniors overall title. And one year after, I won the middleweight class in the Mr. Mexico. Winning was coming very fast. And the next step for me, was the Mr. Mexico overalls title. Then I hit the wall. Planning is far away from achieving...

    Since then, I had been growing year after year, and improving my symmetry, but the title always escaped from my grasp. I had won many other shows in between, but Mr. Mxico overalls title has always been my dream. Ive been second, ive been third...but this year it is going to be mine. (if God agrees).

    Now, Im 20 weeks out from the contest, ready to give all my sweat, blood and tears once again. And I want to share this experience with you. I hope you like it and I would love to hear your suggestions and comments about my contest prep.

    Thank you very much.
    This game already begun...

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    Go for your dreams.

    Are you going to be posting your contest prep for critique? As well, pictures and updates?

    Go big or go home. I think you're going big.



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      Originally posted by Matt-from-SM View Post

      Go big or go home. I think you're going big.

      Sounds that way to me too

      We are with you all the way, bro!


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        20 weeks out diet

        Thank you guys for posting!

        Of course Im going to post my program for critique. Ill also post my current pics, so you can see the progress through the weeks.

        Right now Im weighting 202 pounds with 8% bodyfat.

        My current diet is as follows:

        Meal 1:
        2 scoops syntha-6
        100 grams oatmeal (pre- cooked weight)
        12 almonds

        pre-workout suplemments:
        3000 mg BCAAs
        1/2 MD-6 tablet

        post-workout suplemments:
        3000 mg BCAAs
        5 gram L-Glutamine powder
        1 gram Vitamin C

        meal 2: right after training
        250 grams chicken breast (pre-cooked weight)
        125 grams white rice (pre-cooked weight)
        1 banana

        meal 3:
        250 grams chicken breast
        125 grams pasta
        15 almonds

        meal 4:
        2 cans of tunafish (for a total of 240 grams)
        125 grams of pasta
        2 omega3 caps

        meal 5:
        250 grams of lean-beef
        5 tortillas (yielding 55 grams of carbs from corn)
        2 omega3 caps

        Before going to bed:
        1 scoop whey protein isolate
        5 grams L-Glutamine
        2 grams arginine / 1 gram ornithine

        I try to drink half liter of water with each meal plus 1 liter and a half during my workout.
        By this time, cheat meals are no longer allowed. (Only 1 can of diet-coke per day if desired) For the exeption of the post-workout banana, simple sugars are completely avoided.

        I lose bodyfat with fairly ease, but I find it hard gaining weight, so Im focusing on gaining my last pounds of lean mass.
        Right now, Im not doing cardio at all.


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          Hey there Antonio! Glad to see someone so fired up about being the best. It looks to me that ur diet is great and u have all the key things down. Will u be posting ur workouts as well? All the best for u this year and I hope u get the overall, that has long eluded u.


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            Current Training Program

            Thank you man! Im really fired up.
            I havent posted in a couple of days because Im borrowing the computer.
            So, here is my workout. By this time, I`m focusing in my delts for increased width. My triceps are also a priority right now. For years, my lagging bodyparts were my chest and back, so I trained them diligently, but now I need my delts and triceps to pair that level of development. Taking care of my symmetry is very important, because I have a little trouble gaining weight.

            Leg Extensions
            One Legged presses *
            Hack Squat
            Leg Press (wide foot placing)

            Standing calf raises
            Calf Slide

            Cable lateral raises*
            Hammer Strenght shoulder presses
            Lateral Raises
            Seated Dummbell presses*
            Barbell Shrugs
            Bent laterals (lying on an incline bench)

            Seated Calf raises

            Alternate dummbell curls lying on an incline bench (facing floor)
            supersetted with
            Rope Extensions

            Hammer Strenght preacher curls *
            supersetted with
            Lying dummbell extensions *

            One-arm cable curls
            supersetted with
            Hammer strenght french press machine

            Standing alternate dumbell curls
            supersetted with
            One-arm cable extensions (reverse grip)

            Kneeling legcurl
            Hammer strenght lying leg curls (one leg at the time)*

            Hammer strenght toe press*

            Incline dummbell press*
            Hammer strength decline chest press
            Cable crossovers
            supperseted with
            Hammer strenght incline ches machine
            Bench press on smith machine with slight decline

            Hammer strenght low row machine
            Reverse grip barbell rows*
            Hammer strenght high pull
            Smith machine barbell rows
            Chin ups*


            Ill do tree sets for each exercise, and four sets for one exercise in each bodypart.
            In my first set I`ll go for 12-15 reps with a good weight. In my second set, I`m shooting for doing as many reps as possible (around 8-12) with the heaviest weight I can handle with good form (Usually 25% or 35% heavier than my first set) and my third set is a little lighter than my second set, heavy yet, but beeing careful with the speed of the reps. This set is taken to failure too. When I do four sets, third set is same as second, and fourth set is described above.
            Next time I`ll post some current pics and explain my calves and abs training. Any advise is welcome.


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              Quarter turns current pics!

              This pics were taken today, at my girlfriends place after one week under this program. I know Im hairy and looks like I have never been exposed to the sunlight, but this is how I look right now. I will update the pics every 2 weeks, so you can see the progress. Next time Ill include some compulsory poses and be sure to take off my socks.
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                Quarter turn to the right!!
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                  Quarter turn to the right!!
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                    Quarter turn to the right!!
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                      Looks like u got it going on.
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                        I just want to share with you my contest pics, so you can see the changes. I know I didnt updated the journal, but I didnt had any feedback from you. Anyways, here are the pics taken this weekend during my show.
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                          damn Antonio! awesome did you place?
                          my strongman training
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                            so more pics

                            In this show was competing last year North American Champions, Eduardo Jimenez, Omar Robles, Gustavo Bauelos, and former middleweight North American Champ, Angel Rangel.
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                              I finished second place, but everybody knows i deserved better. The judges gave Angel Rangel first place, because he won a week ago his weightclass in the north american championships. Thats why I want to compete in NPC. Im very dissapointed of mexican politics when it comes down to bodybuilding judging.