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Hi Everyone. Because of the email regisration being abused, registration will be by invitation only.
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Thanks for your cooperation.
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  • it has been a long time since last i posted. but this point of my life i feel that i need to get back at it.

    many things have happened and i trained through most of my absence, but recently i have slacked off a little.

    so a lil about where i am at:

    i am currently pursuing my doctorate of chiropractic.
    it has been over a yr since i last competed in a powerlifting meet (oct 2011)
    it has been over 2 yrs since my last strongman contest (jan 2011)

    actually im not to sure about that timeline...

    bests gym lifts
    squat: 660 @ 310bw
    bench: 470@ 290bw
    deadlift: 585x3 @285bw

    best meet numbers
    squat: 617@275bw
    bench only: 479@292bw
    bench: 457@275bw
    dead: 611@275

    currently i have an SI problem and have a hard time deadlifting from the floor. i took several months off training last trimester to focus on my classes.

    currently im weighing 280.

    i dont really kno my current numbers but last week i hit 550x2 in squat. (little steps)

    currently i am trying out carb nite as a "diet" i want to lean out so for the next time i "bulk" then ill be leaner


    • on friday im going to get my body fat tested via calipers. the bio impedance handheld says im around 25%

      then on monday im goin to get my lipid, blood glucose, vit d, and test checked