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How Much Time Should You Rest Between Sets?

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  • How Much Time Should You Rest Between Sets?

    For most of my time training, I usually take between 3-5 min breaks between sets.
    I need this time to catch my breathe, recover, and be ready to get the next set.
    Everything I read though seems to indicate you need 60-90 seconds, MAX, if you are going for hypertrophy.

    I find this shocking, I don't know how I could do a workout at this pace.
    Like right now I do DB Incline Bench...say 4X5 of 75.
    I need every bit of those 4-5 minutes so I can recover and get 5 reps.
    If I did cut down my rest to 60-90 seconds, I'd be lifting A LOT less weight.

    1) Just wondering which is the best way to do it for somebody like me trying to gain size.

    2) How do you shift from say 4X5 for 75 with 4-5 minute breaks to say 3X10 with 60-90 seconds?
    -Is this really the better way to train for these goals?
    -I'm just afraid I'm going to be down to doing 50 pounds or 55 thinking was you should rest as long as you need so you can lift as much as you possible can.
    Shorter rests means you, or at least me, will be lifting much less.

    3) Do you all do 60-90 seconds for all your exercises?
    -I was thinking of doing it where say for compounds like Bench/Squat/DL I take 3-5 minute rests...but for all complimentary exercises 60-90 second. Make sense?
    3-5 minutes
    2-3 minutes
    60-90 seconds
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    I do 3-5min of rest on all power movements like deadlifts, squats, power cleans, power snatches, etc. For all compound movements I usually take 2:30sec rest and for all other assisting lifts like face pulls, bent over rows, laterals, skulls, pressdowns, zottman curls, etc I take 1min rest.

    As you see I can't answer the question with just 1 number b/c it doesn't work like that, at least not for my training.

    Also, as you develop your conditioning you'll be able to cut your time down. It all depends on what you want to achieve/goals.
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      Similar for me.
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        I do about 20-30 seconds between each sets that about it.
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          45-1min for bb style and 5-10 for PLing

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            Dorian Yates training calls for a 1 minute rest which is enough for me to be back in breath but still feeling it. He says if you are struggling with recovering after a heavy set, you should look at your cardio because that might be holding you back. Oxygen can't reach the muscles in sufficient quantities, meaning longer recovery times. Give it a try sometimes.

            Mind you after the exercise you rest 5 minutes, usually if I am out of breath on a heavy set, I'll wait two minutes TOPS then gear back up and go.
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              as much time as it takes to change the weight and let my training partner do his set. around 90 seconds probably.
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                i use to stare at the clock.. but gear changed that
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                  If I am doing an isolation movement I might only rest 30 seconds, if I am doing heavy deads I usually rest about 5 minutes between sets
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                    i have never timed myself, i just get back at it when i feel i'm ready.
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                      Same as most above. Power movements 3-5. Most accessory excersises just long enough to catch my breath and get set for the next set.




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                        Originally posted by The Joker View Post
                        as much time as it takes to change the weight and let my training partner do his set. around 90 seconds probably.
                        You train with a partner?
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                          Usually between 40secs and 1 min for me. Get in and get out.


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                            Originally posted by bluecountry View Post
                            You train with a partner?
                            Most of the time. Today I didn't.

                            So, As much time as it take my training Partner to do his set and then for us to change weights if needed-
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                              For heavy sets 3-5 minutes, but when going lighter 30s to 2 minutes. I generally do both types of movements in the same workout.