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One arm barbell row?

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  • One arm barbell row?


    In my back training I always do dumbell rows but in my gym the dumbells go just to 100 lbs and I don't feel them anymore, so I would like to know if you guys think the one arm barbell row can be effective as the dumbell row, I ask this because I don't see many people doing them.

    One arm barbelll row:
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    I do my dumbbell rows on the leg curl bench, so I'm at a slight incline but my legs aren't on the floor & so they offer much less support & my back has to do more of the work. 100lb dumbbells would seem heavier done this way. Otherwise no reason not to do the barbell rows, but I'd look into finding a better equipped gym.


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      try a normal BB row, or better search on youtube for kroc rows. A powerlifting name matt kroczaleski does heavy single arm DB rows (200-300lbs) for as many reps as possible. He says it helps his deadlift lockout. Give it a try to mix things up a bit.