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Unorthodox Training

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  • Unorthodox Training

    Wondering if any one has any cool unorthodox training techniques they like to use every once in awhile? For instance i read and article from animal pak, saying they liked to go up to the mountains for leg day every once in a while throw a railroad tie on their back, lunge up a hill, then do squats at the top of the hill, roll the railroad tie back down to their buddy and have them go next. Stuff like that just to change up the monotony every once in awhile.
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    Sometimes I assault my legs with extra volume, performing countless dunks each day for a week. The explosiveness I need to generate to get up to the ring with the ball makes it pretty hard on my legs. Almost 'eccentric-less' training if you will. I always notice that either my calves or quads seem to grow a bit thereafter.

    The cool thing too is that it makes for a very good HIIT session also.